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Give faction parties better variety.

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To explain this briefly, Imperials, even while having literally every troop type in the game, only seem to go for infantry and archers, rarely cavalry, with no amount of crossbows and Bucelariis, from my experience. This is the same with Vlandians, who mostly revolve around infantry and not cavalry, that is (I reckon) their exemplary unit.

This is not only making it boring and easy to fight against them, some factions are put at a significant disadvantage when fighting their enemies. Imperials would have a greater chance of winning if they incorporated horse archers, that they do indeed have, against the Khuzaits.

There's not that much to say... just that.


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They do raise plenty of Bucellariis if you leave an Imperial faction at peace for a long while, but ultimately those are T5 troops and outnumbered at their tier by two flavors each of infantry and archers. Same story with the Vlandians. The opposite happens with Battanians (cav-heavy parties) and I don't know why it was decided to give them two types of mainline cavalry.

Of course, I could be wrong about this -- I haven't dug into why the AI upgrades the troops it does and assume it just picks at complete random.


I disagree with OP regarding the bucellariis and crossbows. They will always have at least a few crossbowmen with each party. Also vlandia tends to have decent numbers of cavalry. Obviously nowhere near khuzait levels.
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