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As many of you know, there is ZERO difference between an Attribute Point and a Focus Point, except Focus Points increase learning rate and limit soft cap more than Attribute Points. In past M&B titles, Attribute Points had a purpose. In Bannerlord, I do not notice any difference between 10 and 1 in an Attribute other than learning limit and rate (if there is something passive that is unstated, please correct me).

If we only get one attribute point every 4 levels, they should be WORTH something more than an extra 10 learning limit and a 0.4x more learning rate (compared to 30 and 1.05-ish for Focus Points). Below are passive benefits possibilities:

  • +2 HP per rank
  • 1% more melee damage per rank
  • 1% damage reduction per rank
  • 2% faster aiming per rank
  • 2% longer aim hold per rank
  • -2% aim penalty (on foot and mounted) per rank
  • 5% less smithing fatigue per rank
  • 2% faster movement speed in combat (both mounted and on foot) per rank
  • 2% faster map movement speed (mounted and on foot) per rank
  • 1% better horse handling per rank
  • 1% less movement penalty in all terrain per rank
  • 2% more loot per rank
  • 1% better troop advantage in battle per rank (if you have 10 Cunning, you start with 10% more troops and your enemy 10% less).
  • 2% harder to spot by enemy troops per rank
  • 5% less trade penalty per rank
  • 2% less recruitment cost per rank
  • +1 troop morale at the beginning of battle per rank
  • 2% more profit from caravans and workshops per rank
  • +5 party size per rank
  • +0.25x learning rate for all skills per rank
  • +1 focus point per rank (just like classic M&B intelligence)

I know some of these bonuses match what individual skills and perks already do, but Attribute points could give hard bonuses that become strong once you get your attribute skill high enough. +20 HP for 10 Vigor? +50 party size for 10 Social? 50% less smithing fatigue (100% if the -50% perk is included, meaning unlimited smithing)? 20% more loot? +2.5x learning rate for all skills?

Getting high Attribute Values is hard, so make it worth the expense. Make us sweat when choosing between the benefits of each attribute.


Some nice ideas here and I agree. Attributes should mean something, and I don't like the learning cap limit. I need to spend points on skills I don't want to build because they build automagically (stewart) to allow me to level more so that I can expand my learning cap for the skills I don't want to learn. Skills that I do want to learn (weapon skills) level so slowly that it takes forever to reach the cap.
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