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I have a diplomatic suggestion...

I'm playing as Vaegirs right now (always leading a Vaegir/Nord army) and am at at war with all but the Nords (around +50 relationship with them). Recently a Nord castle was taken by the Rhodoks (embarrassing, I know) and I took it from them. Seeing as the castle had belonged to the Nords it is only logical that they should want it back, yet they are not at war with my faction and so have no way to get it back.

The solution to this should be more diplomacy. For example, the lord who had owned it, or the faction's king should ask you to return their castle/city. If you are friendly/neutral with them, perhaps they should be cordial and offer a substantial reward (plus improved relationship/honor. Something like: "Sir, you are in possession of my rightful property, seized from the cursed (enemy faction). Should you return it, you shall be rewarded most generously and earn my gratitude." etc. Perhaps you could even trade castles if they had one that belonged to your faction. If you refused however, it would cost you in terms of your relationship to the faction and to lord who asked for it back. Perhaps it would even be grounds for war if your relationship was low enough.

Any takers?
indeed, those Rhodocks are really annoying, they know how to play diplomacy. In my current game they have Ismirala castle and jamiche castle and are at war with none of the surrounding factions to my knowledge (they have never been besieged since the rhodocks took them). It is especially annoying since I have coveted ismirala castle since I got my fief (Tismirr)
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