getting the first clan to join you rng

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long story short when u try to start a kingdom its really hard to get clans to join you mostly because of rng and ability to not be able try again so mostly people save and keep reloading until it works , was playing iron man and i took 5 towns and 4 castles alone and tried dozen clans with no feifs and some of them had 50+ relation yet no one join because rng kept losing 64% chances , its pretty ez when u have many clans already with you , point is unless you save scam for clans to join you you on ur own for really long time hell they might even run out of clans before u get one if u have bad rng, ik its already been planed to make u able make companions into vassals but

to the suggestion
-changing clan join requirment from that rng talk to a quest / relation requirment of both and quest can involve proving yourself or doin a favor / doin for example 5000 casualties to <insert kingdom name> and make it harder for first few clans and it go progressively easier ,
-also making it like warband where vassals used to come to you to join especially if u had land / was strong
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