Need More Info Getting ransom offers for lords from messenger without having captured any lords

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Yes, I used mods.


Summary: I notice that I sometimes get ransom offers via messengers without actually having any captured lords in my possession or dungeons.

How to Reproduce: Usually occurs well into the game (100+ days) but I also noticed that no wars are necessarily ongoing at the time an offer is issued.
Have you used cheats and if so which:
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I am also having this or a similar issue.
I captured a rebel town (and now a second) but I am not yet a kingdom. I have one companion party out (on defensive) but I'm not at war with anyone anymore (I was at war with the rebels). I keep getting ransom offers (popups along the right of the screen) for lords that I haven't captured. I'm not sure if they are getting deposited in my town dungeon by error or what.

I'll try to pay more attention to this issue as I play so I can report about it in more detail.

How to Reproduce: It keeps occurring in the campaign I'm playing but this is my only current one.
Have you used cheats and if so which: None
Scene Name (if related): Campaign map
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OS: Win10 home (current version)
GPU: 5700XT
GPU Driver Version: (current-ish)
CPU: 3700
RAM: 16
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD (M.2)
Sometimes, other lords who have no lands or are far away from their own lands will deposit them into your towns. You still get the ransom message in these cases. It could be mercenary clan prisoners who are always at war with specific kingdoms, whether or not the kingdom is at war with another kingdom.
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