Getting disconnected from the lobby, cannot join any server

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I keep getting disconnected from the lobby even though I have no internet connection issues. Even if I make it to the servers list, which does not load up properly, it takes forever to join a game and %99 percent of the time I get the same disconnection warning.

Am I the only one suffering from this?


Right now multiplayer is not working.
Custom server list is not loading after being refeshed.
When I'm trying to join to custom server, my game stuck in "Please wait..." screen for minute or so (I usually join to the server immediately).
When I finnaly joined to the EU Duel, server crashed after few minutes (at 27:25 minutes to the end of the map) even though there was only 7 players at that server (it's hard to belive that it was too much for server).

Finally, like guys above said, I also experienced getting diconected from the lobby. (I accidently started looking for skirmish and when I press "cancel" I got disconected from lobby, still looking for skirmish).

As this screenshots shows, I wasn't able to leave game because game required from me to cancel looking for skirmish which I already did, when I chose option to log to the lobby nothing happened (only solution was Alt+F4)

Please start fixing mulitplayer for real. Yesterday I didn't have any problems like mentioned above.


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Considering that they don't even look at technical support section since August, it might take a while for them to notice this thread.
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launcher has 2 options single and multi.

if I press multiplayer, we're asked to log in, OF COURSE I want to login that's why I chose multiplayer.

If I press exit, I want to exit the game, not log out.

FIX that ****

Taleworlds I always speak good of you and recommend your games but since you killed multiplayer and the console version won't have crossplay, I don't know anymore.

to all the community server hosts, you insist in battle mode, please consider reducing drastically the round time to 3 minutes or so, only the prima donnas delay the game, or host TDM and siege that goes to GK and cRPG


yeah theyve messed up the lobby, takes a minute or more to refresh and see the server list. also getting horrible lag sometimes during the game
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