Get rid of random artificial reason why someone is not compatible for marriage.

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I can't make a mod (using xml-files) where my hero is married to a certain wife, or wives, because the game decides that for some magical reason they are not suitable for marriage (in the creation of a new game).

My main hero is a man, the spouse I want him to marry is a woman, not a clan leader, not married, not a relative, is over 18 and nearly same age, but for some magical reason they are not suitable.

Even harder, if I use another mod that allows multiple marriages. Now several free, in marrying age different gender non-relatives, ordinary other clans' members can't be married, in the very beginning of a new game.

This is a problem.
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Seems the women that couldn't be set as wives in the xml-files, nor by developer console command, were earlier as clan leaders.

My mod had demoted them as regular clan members and promoted other heroes as their clan leaders instead, but still they couldn't be married. It appears, because the original mod's spclans.xml settings were still in force, when my mod's lords.xml tried to set up the spouses - need to change the spclans.xml clan leaderships first.
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