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Kinsume said:
How do I change the attack animations back to native?

Find module.ini inside modules folder and delete the line "load_mod_resource = animations_a". This for me fixed issue I was having not being able to crouch or kick.
just curious, but u know how in wfas they changed the pike animation slightly with overhead strikes by changing it to like a overhead stabby motion like a pike? i was wondering if this mod affects that since it uses that combat animation mod too? :eek:
ya i found a bug and a big one (for me) my favorite troops Grenadier (veteran) don't use their guns or their swords only throw grenades and bash people in the face with pistols.
also didn't grenadiers historically use muskets? just sayin :razz:
Ruler of Calradia said:
I know many people want granades in game, but i don`t cose its not realistic. Grenadiers really didn`t got grenades even 1800 era, or 1700 and before.. They just were stronger in melee and were taller than other men. So could you please make additional "no grenades" mod, and also give those grenadiers with pistol & granade bayoneted musket in that sub-mod.

Thank you

Wow...where did you get/learn this piece of BS? LOL. One can learn all about grenades and their origins in college...or any primary school. Have you been to school yet?

@Gesia...villages seem to be missing...although I have only made it to page 3 of this thread so far...continuing to read now.
SmashTheState said:
It doesn't look like you'll be working on this mod at any time soon, but just in case someone else wants to work on it, I have a few more bugs to report:

* If you encounter a battle between a general's forces and some raiders, and choose to enter the battle on the side of the general, your reputation with the Outlaw faction goes down, which has the effect of having them attack you no matter how large your force is and how small theirs is.  I've had a flying column of 150 heavy Swedish knights get mugged by 3 brigands, for example.  Conversely, if you encounter a battle between a general and some raiders, and choose to support the raiders, your reputation with the Outlaw faction goes above zero, which causes you to be unable to attack them.  You get the "I'll give you nothing but a boot in the arse/I'll pay you not to bugger me" dialogue, but you can't initiate combat, all you get is a dialogue saying "leave."

* Generals don't seem to mind if you slaughter their army and take them hostage as long as you do it in the middle of a battle they're having with someone else.  If you subsequently release them without ransom, you end up in the silly situation that having attacked them and murdered all their comrades makes you their best friend, and you get a huge bonus to the relationship with their nation.

* You can't build banks.  Ever.  You can get the dialogue that the city has not yet built a banking house, but the option to build one never appears.

* As others have noted, a lot of villages have ridiculously high hills in which houses are embedded, and ridiculously low valleys in which houses are floating.

* Instead of convincing generals to join me, I usually support a rebel leader and simply capture all the faction's generals and imprison them until I've won the revolution, so that I get to personally own all the castles.  This has the result of having the new king (or queen) thank me for my help, tell me that I will always be the war leader, then immediately choose someone else to be war leader.  I'm never even considered for the position, which seems to be either a bug or a scathing commentary on politics.

* The AI might not need to feed their troops, but I do.  I am frequently ordered to accompany the war leader on a campaign, dragged across the entire continent, and then forced to cool my heels for a week of siege... with two days worth of food.  Leaving to get more supplies makes me fail the quest.

* On a similar note, I am often tasked with getting X heads of cattle for the war chief... who then gallops off across the continent so that it's impossible to get the cattle to him in time.  Perhaps the option should be available to bring beef instead of live cattle?

* "Even though you have the engineering skills of Leonardo Da Vinci and could blow down the wall of that castle in your sleep, I, your war chief, order you to build ladders and feed all your very expensive, carefully-tended cavalry into a meat grinder at the top of some rickety ladders, at all costs!"

* Some of the unit names need to be made more explanatory, and they should all have unique names.  Trying to decide whether I should turn my Curaissers into... Curaissers when promoting them seems odd.  It also seems strange that Tatar raiders lose their horses when they advance.

Yes, these all need fixing or implementing...other than that...I am enjoying this mod. BTW...I gave 350000 to the mechant and only got 50000 back...WTF?
OK...upgraded to version 0.8...this mod is F***ed! Stop listening to Rule of Calradia(1) and Please fix this potentially awesome mod(2)...later. 0.7 was the most stable for all its problems...it just got worse from there.
Does anybody know the future of the mod pack? I enjoyed it much and it would be nice to have updated compilation of the mods.
I love this mod pack, but can't use it because entering taverns is crashing WFaS with this one, not sure whats causing it, no error reports...
Is there a way to go back to the native musket sounds? I like to have the music up, but then the guns are like BOOOM! and I think the rest of the people in my apartment hate me. Will taking the sounds folder from native and overwriting GESIA's sounds folder be enough, or would I have to use an item editor to make the sounds recognizable to every single weapon?
Nick7532 said:
I love this mod pack, but can't use it because entering taverns is crashing WFaS with this one, not sure whats causing it, no error reports...

It's not mod, this just sometimes happens. What u got to do is go to C:\Users\#####\Documents\Mount&Blade With Fire and Sword ---> and delete rgl_config, it works most times

Ok so i play tested this and i have to say there are some things that just beg change. Firstly the economy it's all random u can go far north and buy dates, but u can't buy salt near Krakow (one of the biggest salt mines in the world) it makes trading real difficult (there is a mode called Csatadi's mod he made this economy change and it's great -> u actually buy something in one part of the world and then travel to sell it for profit).

The other thing is I noticed in compare to other modes even native I think that gaining Raputation with places has been turned down, usually u get like 3 to 6 for finishing a mission in here it's 1, makes it almost impossible to make village/city to support u.

And I have a question, after I gathered some troops (abput 30) i could no longer recruit villagers, why is that?
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