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Hellor comunity, i am not really good at telling a story.Some of you might even disagree with some of my suggestions but i really want to contribute to the comunity based on my expectations about the game.
The game so far it's amazin but i want to add the following suggestions :
  • Map roaming
  • You should be able to send scout parties made of horseman and they have to return in a certain amount of time(make this option available only for you companion with scout role to comand)
  • You should have massive penalties when attacking at winter because of cold.
  • You should have the speed calculated at the slowest pace(foot infantry) and your army naturally should have to rest from time to time.It's not normal to ride the whole map with 6.1 speed the entire time.It's a good mechanic to prevent also steamrolling and making the game more immerse.
  • The more you keep an army togheter with other lords the more penalty should stack,I belive it's more real to have lords not wanting to stick to your party only because you are influent and have a great stock of food.It keeps them from developing themselves. The longer you keep your army and the greater it is , the more penalty should stack.It's great for preventing 1,5k troop parties to stay an infinite ammount of time banded.
  • Stamina points for smithing should alse restore on roaming.

  • Army Management
  • You should have the option to train you your troops in castles and towns
  • You should have different options for troops.For example change primary weapon to secondary, making them more adaptable.If i have troops with swords and lances i want to use the lances against cavalry.
  • I belive that before upgrading a troop to another tier it should be splited in 2 stages(novice, seasoned) for example ( novice footman, seasoned footman) à veteran footman( novice veteran footman, seasoned veteran footman)
  • I have read another post and i totally agree with it.You should not be able to upgrade your units in open's not real.You should be able to upgrade them only in castles or towns but i suggest that if you have a certain type of weapon or a horse you should be able to upgrade them on spot.( i love that you need horse to upgrade from foot to mounted it's a great mechanic)

  • Battle
  • You should be able to better control your archers.For example i want to choose a spot for my archers to volley at or to focus on infantry or cavalry only.Ex: I have a lot of skirmishers in an army and i know they are great against mounted units.I want them to focus on enemy cavalry rather than aiming at enemy infantry or low tier units.
  • You should be able to better command your army on battlefield.As an example i would like to state that if i have a few pike or spear units i would like to order them to form a spear wall or if i begin an assault i would like to have my troops into a tortoise formation.(to balance that tortoise formation you should have the scorpios and catapults to focus on it, the scorpion arrow being strong enough to pierce the formation and wreack havoc into their ranks)
  • There should be an option to protect some troops.I want my cavalry to protect a flank or my infantry to defend my archers or both flanks in the same time.( i know i can split them and comand them as two separate entities but it's really time consuming and untill i figure all out i am already engaged by the enemy)

  • Diplomacy
  • You should have the option to make a trades like :
  • a fief for a few lords back to their faction
  • buy a certain ammount of troops from a lord if you are in a good relationship with them.
  • Giving other nobles a fief or a large sum of money to declare war to other factions without the kings aproval(draging other kingods into unwanted wars).As fun as it sounds i belive this is a powerful mechanic and should be really balanced and stable.This option should take into consideration at least as a minimun requirment the relation value between the 2 lords and the renown ration between the 2 lords.
  • Bribing other lords to support you as a candidate for a town or a castle
  • Bribing other lords to support a law you propose
  • Bribing other faction lords to use their influence to pass certain policies or to broker a piece with their king on your behalf bacause he has a better relationship with him

  • Companions
  • I choose to make companions a different branch because i belive they have to be a crucial part to the game.
  • You should be able to control your companions with tasks like:
  • Protect a fief only( and that companion defend fiefs from barbarian attacks or different lord attacks and only roam into that fief proximity)
  • Train some troops( you should be able to give them a certain ammount of troops so they can train them for you)
  • Protect a caravan

  • Kingdoms
  • In the kingdom asides from king and nobles should be different gatherings like the war council or development council where only certain nobles have the right to vote for a declaration of war or colonisation policies.
  • You should have an option to select that converts settlements to your kingdom's really frustrating that after 100 years of ocupation, it's still in other culture.( a high loyal town should be converted harder , making migration of people from your villages to another ones it'll be a great option to change the culture in time).This option should only be available for a special kind of gathering like the development gathering and it should cost a lot of money.
  • As a faction leader you should be able to order one of your companions to become "rogue", etablish a bandit lair and disrupt other kingdoms local economy (raiding towns, attacking peasants that go to pay taxes into towns, attacking caravans)
  • You chould be able after forming your own kingdom to have you culture and troops.

This game it's all bout creating your own, unique way to of play so i propose that having your horse should be and experience itself.You should train your horse as a lord and play unique styles.You want a fast horse, or a tanky one? Sure the breed itself helps you, but what if it gets tired? You want it to be trained more battle ready.
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love this man! i really want to see more from the npcs. diplomacy really needs work i really love all of these ideas