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General suggestions - 1.00+

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A new one is required with a new version, as traditions dictates. Please post you suggestions here.


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Individual scenes for all the cities and castles.  I mean making it possible to edit and construction of each scene separately, without having to disturb every time the development team.

Hi to all.
Where can I download the new version?

here http://mbwarband.nexusmods.com/mods/1746/?


Halgrim said:
Individual scenes for all the cities and castles.

I agree. Espcially the Balkans, because i haven't seen an individual scene for any city in Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
Also, Ragusa (Dubrovnik) could have and indivdual scene and map icon, since you can use modern pictures of it, you just need to make it more realistic for the age (it didn't have as much towers at the time, they were added trough 14. and 15. century)


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I agree. It needs a lot of more new scenes. And a lot of new more settlements, towns, castles and villages. It's the only things that this great mod needs.


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Versions 4.2 + 0.96.3 for Warband 1.143+WSE,  dreams do come true....... :grin: :grin: :grin:


The only thing off hand I can think of ( that is reasonable) is helping the Welsh somehow. They are gone within the first month. I have started over a few times during testing with 1.02, and the poor welsh have been eclipsed each time.

This mod is the best of all of them that I have played. Honestly, the only thing missing is a sense of being connected more to the events and happenings of other nations. Is a faction relation screen possible without that diplomacy mod (one that tells you who is at war with who)? I know the diplomacy mod is something that is not working correctly, so I won't talk about it, --but man that is the missing element to making this mod the very best--  :smile:
If it did not require a degree in programming to mod this game, I would entertain ideas myself of doing such things.




A script which will do my daily stuffs instead of me. I will have the free time to play the mod finally.


As far as the Welsh go, I think simply having them not start out at war with England almost immediately would help them a bit.  Might help them build up their armies a bit more.



I noticed that there isnt new order options anymore, it was great the volley fire, skirmish, etc... it should be implemented again imo.

Also, sometimes the orders dont work properly, like the charge option, when i order to charge to infantry they stay there and not moving. Also in siege after ordering to archers to fire at will, they start shooting after 20 seconds, no idea why...

All other things are just perfect.


why dont you guys add a relatively small Cilician Armenian kingdom that was one of the prominent Christian powers in the Mideast at the time? it doestn even have to involve the map remaking, settlement adding, or too much work. just give them Tarsus as their capital, Seleucia and Selimus plus all their villages. this wont be 100% accurate but is a good compromice and is a better solution than not having them at all, or as a generic 'Crusader states' to which they hardly belong. next thing you'd need a few nobles and a king, plus a troop tree that could be borrowed (in the absense of resources/desire to put too much work into it) from the mods like Brocken Crescent or Sicilian Vespers for M2TW.

another thing that could be a great addition for any mod that is striving for historical accuracy and realism would be stamina system and/or armour penalties, like in Brytenwalda. you could make it optional so that little superman fan boys dont whine too much.
Hey, I just downloaded the installer from Nexus, but when I tried to download the patch, my antivirus software told me there were virus and spyware in it. So, is it a false alarm? I just want reassurance before I download. :smile:

Edit: Also, I am currently employing Morodovian Hrosemen in my army, but this isnt 1.02 yet.


It seems Pembroke castle is owned by William Maudit. In reality, William de Valence was the lord of Pembroke. And did he not rebuild it in stone? In-game it is presented as a wooden castle. The surrounding geography is very incorrect too :razz:

Also, where's Cardiff? The de Clare estates were hugely important, especially Glamorgan!


Simple question. How the hell is this new town garrison system supposed to work.

I took down a town. And then it becomes 0 guards, I can either get -10 reputation ... and put some guards, or wait for god know how long for anything to happen.
Just waited for 7 days in this stupid town and it still is 0 guards. If I leave it anyone can take it by just sieging it.
I mean really how the heck is this supposed to work because it seems retarded.


hey dr thomas, can u please put in the script to let the horse guys join the foot troops once they have be knocked off? does not seem to be there anymore.....
love the mod.


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The only thing that makes this mod worse for some people than Europe 1200 is the number of castles and towns of the map...


I've mentioned it before and it's a painful lot of works. But it will be a perfect mod if Dr.Tomas arrange the correct fiefs to the correct lords. In native warband, this is all random because those characters are fictional. But in 1257 ad, given that all lords are historical, I think it's a good idea to give them the right fiefs.
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