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Hello everyone!

I'm an university student that is creating a semi-multiplayer mod in Bannerlord where you get to create and develop your army as you fight battles against armies created by other players to see who has the best army.

General Lords is a semi-multiplayer experience where you get to challenge other player's armies to see who has the best one and the best strategies. You get to create your army and customize it to your liking using the six factions' troop trees and further improve it using the new developed Battle plan and Formations that let you designate automatic troop behaviors and automatic formation deployment in battle.
Earn gold by fighting battles and killing your enemies! After each battle, use it to upgrade your troops and recruit more to kill even more enemies! In a thrilling cycle of war where you get to climb the ladder to become the best General Lord!

The mod is in testing phase and is only a proof of concept, but I would really appreciate if you gave it a shot and drop by our discord server:

As of right now the mod supports only the English language in game. Also since it's in its early stages I would appreciate if you avoided cheating as the goal is to see players evolution in the game for my thesis.

This is the link to the mod:

If you enjoyed playing and want to support the mod's development, it would be a big help if you answered this questionnaire:

Thanks for reading!
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