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Resolved 日本語 - JP General issues in the unit name localization

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No, I didn't use any mods.


I'll report some issues in the current translations of the unit name, which is uncommon or a bit weird for Japanese.
There are so many corrections that I will put a list at the bottom of this post.

1)There is no need to add "no" in the unit name

In many of the current translations of the unit name, "の(no)" is added between culture/nation and type of troop, e.g. 帝国の軍団兵(Imperial Legionary, Empire+の+Legionary), アセライのマムルーク斧兵(Aserai Mameluke Axeman, Aserai+の+Mameluke Axeman) and so on, but "の" is not necessary to add in the unit name in my opinion.
"A の B" is "B of A", so 帝国の軍団兵 is "Legionary of the Empire" or "The Empire's Legionary", not "Imperial Legionary".
Technically, this 帝国の軍団兵 is not quite wrong but it's also a little redundant for Japanese.

Therefore, almost all "の" in the unit name should be deleted.

2)Translation of "culture+suffix"

Culture names in the unit names have a suffix such as Sturgia-Sturgian, Vlandia-Vlandian and Battania-Battanian to make them adjective.
Some unit names are translated as "culture name+人", meaning "the culture's people".
In Japanese, it's more common not to add "人" unless it's obvious that the word is "person/people".

- "Battanian Traveler" is translated as バタニア人の旅人 or バタニア人旅行者, "culture name+人(+の)+something".
- "Battanian Skirmisher", "Battanian" has various implications: Battanian people, Battanian soldier, Battanian army etc.
So, in this case, the translation of "Battanian Skirmisher", バタニア散兵 is better than バタニア人の散兵.


- In principle, English words are translated into Japanese, and non-English words or words derived from non-English are transliterated/transcripted into Japanese Katakana alphabet.

Crossbowman - 弩兵(Crossbowman)
Mercenary - 傭兵(Mercenary)
Mameluke - マムルーク(Mamurūku), not 奴隷戦士(Slave Warrior)
Kheshig - ケシク(Keshiku), not 近衛兵(Guard)

The only exception to the above example is Vlandian Banner Knight. As far as I can think of, "Banner Knight" does not have a proper literal translation, so it's just "Katakanaized", ウランジア・バナーナイト(Uranjia Banānaito).

- "Veteran" is translated as 古参 or 古参兵(veteran soldier) in a military-related term.

- Also, "Recruit" is translated as 新兵 in a military-related term.

- It is avoided that the same Kanji character is used multiple times in a single word.

- It is also avoided that the word for the same type of things is used multiple times in a noun.

e.g. Vlandian Militia Veteran Crossbowman
Current Translation:
ウランジア熟練弩(lit. Veteran Crossbowman of Vlandian Militiaman)
Corrected Translation:
ウランジア古参弩民兵(lit. Vlandian Veteran Crossbow-Militiaman)

4)Suggested Translations

Below is the long list of the unit names corrected based on my opinion.
[Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData\Languages\JP\std_spnpccharacters_xml]

<string id="0GKH29JG" text="傭護衛兵" />
<string id="0GkJB08d" text="スタルジア古参隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="1gAasy1t" text="湖の鼠の古株" /> // Lake Rat Veteran "湖の熟練鼠" - 湖の熟練鼠 is "Expert Rat of Lake"
<string id="1i0Ttr8H" text="スタルジア・オトロキ" />
<string id="1PsLlMaQ" text="帝国エクィテ" />
<string id="1WfDVpya" text="スタルジア弓兵" />
<string id="1zObCG2o" text="バタニア・フィアン闘士" /> // Battanian Fian Champion "バタニアのフィアンの親玉" - 親玉 means "thug leader".
<string id="275LD0Gh" text="店員" />
<string id="2gUjKT5H" text="バタニア馬術師" />
<string id="2HDPaohZ" text="森林居住者の古参兵" />
<string id="3VosbFR0" text="ウランジア猛者" /> // Vlandian Champion - 猛者 means "brave man" or "tough guy".
<string id="4C4WiTb2" text="ヴァリャーグ" />
<string id="5b6KjY5b" text="ウランジア鉤矛兵" />
<string id="5JFkQn5U" text="フーザイト古参弓民兵" />
<string id="5VBPoGYO" text="アセライ軽弓兵" />
<string id="6C3OMP1X" text="バタニア斥候" />
<string id="6hhspFvz" text="フーザイト古参隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="6j9iJMRr" text="湖の鼠の新米" />
<string id="6oc7CXbI" text="アセライ古参ファリス" />
<string id="6UFEfIJV" text="フーザイト槍歩兵" />
<string id="79ElOr2x" text="馬商人" />
<string id="7aRhhGAs" text="手練の悪党" />
<string id="7EUhAv8b" text="グラーム" />
<string id="7WWUxI6y" text="スタルジア古参弓兵" />
<string id="8bA4PvdG" text="帝国古参弓兵" />
<string id="8Gh8q1PX" text="ベニ・ジラル近衛兵" />
<string id="8PLgCsiR" text="ウランジア前衛騎兵" />
<string id="8TdbKFa9" text="アセライ武装商人" />
<string id="96pj2wxH" text="スタルジア戦士" />
<string id="9Bw85Elg" text="猪の新兵" />
<string id="9Ylw5Spz" text="猪の古参兵" />
<string id="9zXXes9i" text="ベニ・ジラル兵士" />
<string id="abFIj4ZW" text="バタニア騎乗散兵" />
<string id="ac8MZYne" text="バタニア勇者" />
<string id="acubGB3g" text="ウランジア重弩兵" /> // Vlandian Hardened Crossbowman "ウランジアの屈強な弩兵" - 屈強な弩兵 seems "sturdy soldier with crossbow". 重弩兵 is "heavy crossbowman".
<string id="Ah4XG5Fp" text="ウランジア弩民兵" />
<string id="AlmaRAib" text="農村の名士公証人" />
<string id="AloMryIU" text="ウランジア軽騎兵" />
<string id="AoFZUbun" text="アセライ前衛ファリス" />
<string id="arb5nRri" text="アセライ部族民" />
<string id="aseraipeasantwoman" text="アセライの農民" />
<string id="AssCCFew" text="傭騎手" />
<string id="aUHtqC9o" text="ウランジア槍民兵" />
<string id="B4ls6R2b" text="アセライ熟練弓兵" />
<string id="b4QPaEnA" text="バタニア弓民兵" />
<string id="B7oI7AZG" text="フーザイト・ハン近衛兵" />
<string id="battaniapeasantwoman" text="バタニアの農民" />
<string id="BBJKgKj2" text="スタルジア新兵" />
<string id="BC5YGna3" text="湖の鼠の難船略奪者" />
<string id="bLMGbLF8" text="牧師公証人" />
<string id="bLq2HXMo" text="帝国古参隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="BlZK3wDN" text="火炎" />
<string id="bNnQt4jN" text="鍛冶屋" />
<string id="bNZXcw3q" text="バタニア誓約者" />
<string id="brlJJW5I" text="スタルジア兵士" />
<string id="bTApMxWr" text="ウランジア・バナーナイト" />
<string id="Btb7p3mD" text="バタニア・フィアン" />
<string id="byPNCb5e" text="スタルジア重槍兵" />
<string id="c5rVdg75" text="帝国古参槍民兵" />
<string id="C8hwcOdF" text="騎乗略奪者" />
<string id="CDUvlu4d" text="帝国宮殿近衛兵" />
<string id="cEKbOxRA" text="古参エレフテロイ" />
<string id="CfO7eDsv" text="スタルジア槍兵" />
<string id="CJxF6fky" text="スタルジア英雄戦列破壊兵" />
<string id="CKoq1wQa" text="フーザイト弓民兵" />
<string id="cMcGn6n3" text="熟練護衛兵" />
<string id="cOt1onbR" text="トリアリイ" />
<string id="cP1bu5GK" text="フーザイト重槍兵" />
<string id="CPcJ2gRF" text="アセライ弓民兵" />
<string id="cPQx1RXt" text="スタルジア武装商人" />
<string id="CRzrHomf" text="スタルジア・ドルジーナ" />
<string id="cSdSSXsO" text="猪の闘士" />
<string id="CsjtWt1g" text="酒場の番人" />
<string id="cte0zSCz" text="帝国部族民" />
<string id="cZms8Ivb" text="バタニア貴族の青年" />
<string id="dfv7E49q" text="アセライ部族馬術師" />
<string id="DIt9SuMb" text="新芽" />
<string id="DlIU2vJB" text="フーザイト名射手" />
<string id="DNsbKR7B" text="バタニア森林兵" />
<string id="e8qbF7Ey" text="帝国メナウリアトン" />
<string id="ECxiXTbF" text="職人公証人" />
<string id="ehACDRBk" text="隠された駒" />
<string id="eHVgfyPH" text="フーザイト弓騎兵" />
<string id="empirepeasantwoman" text="帝国の農民" />
<string id="eYIMQafj" text="帝国重騎兵" />
<string id="f2a1fPca" text="フーザイト古参槍民兵" />
<string id="F54qLieU" text="アセライ・マムルーク近衛兵" />
<string id="fdaZ3tri" text="スタルジア木こり" />
<string id="femalebeggar" text="物乞い" />
<string id="femalechild" text="子供" />
<string id="femaleinfant" text="幼児" />
<string id="femaleteenager" text="十代の若者" />
<string id="fHQ8ifKM" text="帝国熟練弓兵" />
<string id="FrTTT0G1" text="スタルジア・ドルジーナ闘士" />
<string id="fxGlBFPk" text="悪党" />
<string id="g1zvdEE3" text="アセライ古参歩兵" />
<string id="G9ByT85b" text="ハスタティ" />
<string id="gBuGfUg3" text="カラフーザイト長上" />
<string id="Gd0y7SxJ" text="ウランジア槍兵" />
<string id="GEnwDYp1" text="ウランジア新兵" />
<string id="ghilmanUnit" text="ギルマーン" />
<string id="GUQ3zfg2" text="バタニア志願兵" />
<string id="Gvy2b4fa" text="アセライ青年兵" />
<string id="Gwba5yPA" text="スタルジア重斧兵" />
<string id="gyvXsXs8" text="バタニア野人" />
<string id="gZ4JeEw4" text="スタルジア古参弓民兵" />
<string id="H5HJUejD" text="アセライ新兵" />
<string id="h7nGFImt" text="森林居住者の新兵" />
<string id="HMHzTNqJ" text="バタニア熟練戦士" />
<string id="HsboF2mR" text="帝国古参弓民兵" />
<string id="i5DfUz6D" text="バタニア古参弓民兵" />
<string id="IfjWyWjc" text="帝国歩兵" />
<string id="IHczn7ti" text="バタニア貴族戦士" />
<string id="IHKXNP9H" text="競技会の主催者" />
<string id="IKvwsCaJ" text="バタニア略奪者" />
<string id="IxcCmtxz" text="バタニア古参槍民兵" />
<string id="iXjMfCyp" text="フーザイト騎兵" />
<string id="IZ8OmByJ" text="帝国熟練歩兵" />
<string id="J6Yksji5" text="騎乗荒らし屋" />
<string id="jaK1A7CI" text="アセライ・ファリス" />
<string id="JGsUtBT3" text="帝国軍団兵" />
<string id="jRFfRZv2" text="スタルジア弓民兵" />
<string id="juBPAThy" text="バタニア古参隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="JVG0zC4e" text="アセライ・マムルーク重騎兵" />
<string id="jx8ohENz" text="防具屋" />
<string id="KAJKOooN" text="フーザイト重弓騎兵" />
<string id="khuzaitpeasantwoman" text="フーザイトの農民" />
<string id="kih9DwL4" text="ウランジア弩兵" />
<string id="KnhpjA7Y" text="コレマン" />
<string id="kPCcelVX" text="商人 " />
<string id="kppseK3N" text="フーザイト部族戦士" />
<string id="L0cGAnWw" text="バタニア槍民兵" />
<string id="l6NFOl8c" text="フーザイト武装商人" />
<string id="LbjxH9yp" text="帝国弓兵" />
<string id="lduchnvD" text="カラフーザイト騎手" />
<string id="LEJukldW" text="帝国武装商人" />
<string id="LKb8DXby" text="バタニア隊商長" />
<string id="lkrV8jZa" text="フーザイト弓兵" />
<string id="LNNXiPyV" text="ギャングの頭目の護衛" />
<string id="Loc1XOIk" text="フーザイト狩人" />
<string id="lumFaIud" text="フーザイト槍兵" />
<string id="LVEU4se3" text="スタルジア古参槍民兵" />
<string id="lxU4pWsS" text="バタニア古参散兵" />
<string id="LXybWXde" text="スコルダー同胞団戦士" />
<string id="malebeggar" text="物乞い" />
<string id="malechild" text="子供" />
<string id="maleinfant" text="幼児" />
<string id="maleteenager" text="十代の若者" />
<string id="Mcbjdntz" text="ジャワール・ラクダ騎手" />
<string id="MDIuyBHP" text="フーザイト槍民兵" />
<string id="Mgr6qv1j" text="傭兵剣士" />
<string id="mrBbsiPN" text="若狼" />
<string id="muu5cofb" text="町人" />
<string id="MVHawAEp" text="隠された手" />
<string id="MYwUFMsz" text="帝国精鋭カタフラクト" />
<string id="n41jlEa3" text="帝国ヴィグラ新兵" />
<string id="nDoENDqD" text="アセライ隊商長" />
<string id="nPyqHxmf" text="ウランジア下士官" />
<string id="o1jvmi9P" text="フーザイト略奪者" />
<string id="OQPDvtpk" text="ウランジア勇士" />
<string id="oseSwa56" text="ウランジア騎士" />
<string id="P8EATvn8" text="帝国弓民兵" />
<string id="Pd9qAiOu" text="アセライ古参槍民兵" />
<string id="PgOknaEN" text="傭弩兵" />
<string id="PJNW1UWK" text="店番" />
<string id="pooybAKI" text="ウランジア剣士" />
<string id="pRbbJHkU" text="帝国ブケラリイ" />
<string id="PU2zIMu0" text="人形使い" />
<string id="pzKCIEaK" text="ウランジア部族民" />
<string id="pzmgMODE" text="スタルジア隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="q7b4pQc9" text="齢を重ねた狼" />
<string id="q7VeZazL" text="バタニア散兵" />
<string id="qAsnj7vU" text="帝国精鋭メナウリアトン" />
<string id="qAvxmnav" text="ジャワール・ベドウィン" />
<string id="QbSjMefR" text="ウランジア隊商長" />
<string id="qBVNIhme" text="手練のエレフテロイ" />
<string id="qfaTMEBw" text="バタニア隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="QfVe3IVw" text="雇われの弩名人" />
<string id="QGPAEtj7" text="ヴァリャーグ古参兵" />
<string id="QhNpvW0Y" text="フーザイト・トルグート" />
<string id="QlVeZvbv" text="アセライ古参隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="qMYpZKWo" text="プリンキペス" />
<string id="Qo2cc7bF" text="スケーン" />
<string id="QvSmhaAV" text="選ばれし狼" />
<string id="R74i2pQz" text="雇われの剣豪" />
<string id="reoVAtrE" text="商人公証人" />
<string id="rIqwYlSK" text="フーザイト遊牧民" />
<string id="riT39wKu" text="若木" />
<string id="Rj0bNOOh" text="カーン" />
<string id="RJNNsaSP" text="スタルジア略奪者" />
<string id="rQ0t0Wws" text="ウランジア隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="rtOJNB6u" text="護衛新兵" />
<string id="RYP9hzIy" text="見張り" />
<string id="s3IJIFUw" text="帝国新兵" />
<string id="S6BosJUq" text="エレフテロイ新兵" />
<string id="SAILNYbu" text="ウランジア歩兵" />
<string id="SaqVvzyV" text="傭騎兵" />
<string id="Sc1d2lsH" text="スタルジア戦列破壊兵" />
<string id="SDRIahK8" text="狂人" />
<string id="Si5ZCb1O" text="ウランジア・パイク兵" />
<string id="strAI" text="AI" />
<string id="sturgianhuntertroop" text="スタルジア狩人" />
<string id="sturgiapeasantwoman" text="スタルジアの農民" />
<string id="SvAADOwm" text="ウランジア徴集弩兵" />
<string id="ta34CxLs" text="レッドシャンク" />
<string id="TbBnWiao" text="帝国隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="tDYfuUuU" text="アセライ・マムルーク宮殿近衛兵" />
<string id="thbcgVVO" text="商人" />
<string id="THOfB9DZ" text="フーザイト隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="THyv3q9f" text="帝国下士官弩兵" />
<string id="tke6VCV6" text="アセライ歩兵" />
<string id="tL6aGah4" text="アセライ古参弓民兵" />
<string id="TpECDErA" text="帝国隊商長" />
<string id="tSc0mHy7" text="バタニア選抜戦士" />
<string id="twCIejxn" text="ゲームホスト" />
<string id="u0UNwnw2" text="帝国カタフラクト" />
<string id="u3K1SozQ" text="大樹に住まう者" />
<string id="UaN2lfwi" text="武器鍛冶屋" />
<string id="uca778lM" text="ベニ・ジラル新兵" />
<string id="uDseaKcb" text="スタルジア隊商長" />
<string id="UdTc1PGo" text="帝国弩兵" />
<string id="ueasbGtd" text="森林居住者の古参兵" />
<string id="ULaNn3pp" text="アセライ槍民兵" />
<string id="UrSjhs4x" text="ウランジア鉾槍兵" />
<string id="UsvCnAS7" text="猛火" />
<string id="uViDMxLC" text="スコルダー新入り" /> // 新入り is "new member".
<string id="UYPaQP2j" text="フーザイト・カンクリ" />
<string id="uzwfybTH" text="フーザイト軽歩兵" />
<string id="V1hoeBch" text="悪党の親玉" />
<string id="v8hRrmY2" text="バタニア武装商人" />
<string id="VbWtdAWn" text="スタルジア札付き略奪者" />
<string id="vGFdbjFC" text="ウランジア古参槍民兵" />
<string id="vlandiapeasantwoman" text="ウランジアの農民" />
<string id="VqrQ096u" text="フーザイト・ケシク" />
<string id="VtlvxEs7" text="バタニア氏族戦士" />
<string id="vxlAJIiU" text="ジャワール新兵" />
<string id="vZlMfmng" text="アセライ・マムルーク斧兵" />
<string id="W2WXkiAh" text="請け戻し仲介人" />
<string id="w6YwFaG7" text="フーザイト槍兵" />
<string id="WEHDGbEE" text="フーザイト隊商長" />
<string id="WH7EGGIg" text="床屋" />
<string id="WJbOQSiT" text="アセライ・マムルーク正規兵" />
<string id="WNU7kE5N" text="古参護衛兵" />
<string id="wtmCSMrC" text="アセライ軽歩兵" />
<string id="X12lazIs" text="ウランジア武装商人" />
<string id="X3KYysuv" text="踊り子" />
<string id="X4GvzDdW" text="バタニア・ファルクス兵" />
<string id="X6CQ9CMZ" text="ウランジア狙撃手" />
<string id="xaYwo9tM" text="傭斥候兵" />
<string id="XgjXfmM1" text="看守" />
<string id="xIFHLI66" text="カラフーザイト遊牧民" />
<string id="xJ4koSsx" text="火花" />
<string id="xnzpQbwQ" text="スタルジア騎乗略奪者" />
<string id="XzDObEiH" text="ウランジア従者" />
<string id="YE4RGuzU" text="ウランジア古参隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="yG42k5GC" text="アセライ隊商護衛兵" />
<string id="YGexslSX" text="スコルダー古参同胞団員" />
<string id="yhBagy1Y" text="アセライ弓兵" />
<string id="yMqWnBfT" text="バタニア古参ファルクス兵" />
<string id="yPF32fbh" text="ウランジア軽歩兵" />
<string id="yrGYZsQ7" text="帝国古参歩兵" />
<string id="YUCzyA8C" text="アセライ・マムルーク騎兵" />
<string id="z6RMWTaA" text="酒場の小間使い" />
<string id="zEQTwpnv" text="アセライ・マムルーク兵" />
<string id="zfCoeglY" text="音楽家" />
<string id="ZhKoCVby" text="帝国槍民兵" />
<string id="ZKuabzhK" text="フーザイト貴族の息子" />
<string id="Zmajp2o1" text="スタルジア槍民兵" />
<string id="zqaGJBYZ" text="ウランジア古参弩民兵" />
<string id="ZSU7sMYX" text="フーザイト・ダルカン" />

Thank you for reading the long post.
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Community Support
I've been informed that this report has been reviewed by our external translators. They decided to change the original localization. However, the change might not be the exact suggestion you proposed. The changes will be pushed to the game with future updates. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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