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The upkeep has been lowered, specially for low cost item.
Remember that score = gold, if you kill the whole enemy team you'll get rich pretty fast.

For the people in plate armour in one day it's most likely people that played during the closed alpha, they got an edge but nothing that can be beat in a week (expect for Apsod, the king of the grind).

If you want to make them stop to play with a plate use blunt/pierce weapon, even with 3 PS it works well. Rifles are good too, it can one shot them.
I downloaded the launcher, ran it as admin, and the 4 lines I saw in the message window were:

Warband folder found
Server version is 542
Client version not found
Click on update to install BoE

The line I bolded is what concerns me, and the fact that the "Client version:" status on the launcher denies the existence of my Warband installation. Even after doing what GuiKa claims works, and clicking on the "Force" box, I get this error: " The remote server returned an error: (550) File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access). " (And yes, I do have at least NET Framework 4.0.) The last message that appears after clicking "update" and clicking away these errors is: "Running installer with 302.2 mb to download"

All the mod folders are currently in my regular Modules directory (I have it on Steam), but the progress bar stays unfilled and the files just do not download. If it helps, I had some trouble with Warband registries with the mod North and South: First Manassas mod previously, and these were the instructions to get around it:
- Right click on Mount & Blade: Warband on steam and select view CD key.
Copy the Napoleonic Wars serial code or keep it open.

- Click Start > Run
- Enter regedit, right click to open with administrative rights
- A new window will open, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > MountAndBladeWarbandKeys
- Search the entry, serial_key_nw,
- If it doesent exist, make a string value with that name and enter your cd key there.
- make sure that the value is the same as your CD key. Also make sure that the key is separated correctly. Double click the entry and modify it until it is correct. Watch out for invisible spaces in the CD key.
- If you are done with that, close the Registry Window and start the installer, and have fun playing!

EDIT: Scrrrrrrratch that, I just got a launcher update out of nowhere and now it wants to download. Thank you based Warband gods.  :razz:
Hello, maybe a noob question but... I'm not sure how to sign up or where to get the download  :???:
I tried going to the steam group page on the site, and it was in a language I don't know and I got an error when i tried to get the the download
Any help would be appreciated
GreenStalker said:
Just downloaded the mod. When i try to run it i get the serial key window and it says i need to type my Viking Conquest serial key? What's with that?
It does not require any DLC.
From where did you download the mod?
Are you using the Steam or non-Steam version of Warband?
Is your Warband up to date, so v1.168?
There seems to be a problem with the latest non steam version, some people got the same problem with other mods aswell.
Try to install the oldest compatible version(1.166);

Otherwise you can activate Warband on Steam with your current serial key and get the Steam version;
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