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Looking good. Keep'em coming.

Edit: I noticed WSE among used sources. I take you ported it to 1.158.
My scene changelog is going to be bigger than that tiny list  :cool:
Seriously everyone, forget pre-defined levels. Now thanks to SebastianCoding & SherlockLevels Inc..In BoE you don't play on scenes, you shape them.

Hello guys!
A new patch has been released;
v0.453 (March 7, 2014)
(Sebastian) receiving damage no longer lowers the score
(Sebastian) fixed fire wont damage agents
(Sebastian) fixed huge lag spikes due to script errors
(GuiKa, Sebastian) increased base- and score gold wages
(Sebastian) fixed upkeep calculation issues and altered its http request
(Sebastian) fixed some collision meshes stay at the spawn location when the specific object has been moved/destroyed
(Sebastian) fixed advanced bot orders wont reset on round start
(Sebastian) the surgeon kit now restores the health lost due to bleeding and effects the score aswell
(GuiKa) fixed bullet, bolt, throwing and arrow upkeep
(GuiKa) added kills/deaths counter to the character page
(Sebastian) rebalanced item prices

We also have changed the appointment time of our test event, from now on it'll take place on every sunday at 17:00 GMT.
I'd like to see all testers on sunday, because the server is running on a new machine and we're gonna do a stress test then.  :cool:

djogloc02 said:
Good to hear there will be singleplayer, will we see many of the features you showed on SP?
I assume you meant MP.
Well almost all features which you have seen in Multiplayer are already implemented into the Singlepayer.

when will be released? release date?
This month...
We could release it right now(everything works fine so far), but we want to offer you some more multiplayer scenes.

See yaa!
Good, but one features interests me, you showed cannons destroying walls (if I remember correctly), will this be in Singleplayer?
Been lurking on this for months, cannot wait to see what you've come up with. Psyched for the release :grin: Keep it up.
The show must go on!
v0.459 (March 9, 2014)
(GuiKa, Sebastian) changed level formula, leveling is now a bit faster
(Sebastian) divided score bonus from damaging shields/props by 10 and increased it for healing players who bleed
(Sebastian) changed prices and hit points of many items
(Sebastian) fixed weather and day time wont randomize anymore, optimized the related scripts and client/server events
(Sebastian) enhanced shield bash range calculations
(Sebastian) fixed some scene props disappear client side on round start

The test event is starting right now.. so all tester should get their arses into the server. :wink:
I don't think that spliting up Spain (Queen Joanna) from the Holy Roman Empire (Emperor Charles V or the First) is that historically accurate, but understand it in terms of balance for the single player campaign. It is the multiplayer thing i think it's wrong: they should be one as they acctually behaved. Despite of this minor stuff, i think it's gonna be an awesome mod when it's done. You have my support! Good luck.
Nevermind, just looked it up, i remember Spain inheriting Austrian lands in a way but never truly that it would become a part of the HRE in such way. Also, in future versions for singleplayer it would indeed be interesting to see HRE as it was. Duchies fighting within and if a outsider would to declare war the emperor would defend the HRE state.
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