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I'm aware that many of these ideas have already been voiced in the forums, but I wrote that list while playing so I only hope that could be useful.

- let us deactivate quest markers selectively : if a noble has a quest we don't want to do, let us say "I won't do that" so that we don't see the "!" anymore.
- remove the "!" quest markers in dungeons.
- replace "!" quest markers by specific icons maybe ?
- quest extensions : failing quests isn't fun, especially if it's because bandits don't spawn or because some horses are very rare or because the noble went to the other side of the map. A time extension would be great, even if rewards are lessened, possibly depending on some conditions : must be close to village for bandits / must be in the region that produces horses / ...
- avoid having to talk to the same npc twice in a row. When you already have the items for a quest, talking twice is just weird. Similarly, talking to a tavern maid shouldn't require two interactions for the morale boost.
- add minor quests to every npc, but without a "!" marker, so that the player can almost always work on relations with specific npcs if he wants to, albeit less effectively.
- after a win by forfeit in tavern games, we have to talk to the game host again to complete the quest, as opposed to when we simply win. (forfeits with nobles are fine though, we get the relation increase normally)
- as a vassal, the player should be called to armies too, but with the ability to either ignore (relation loss) or do something else (fight an enemy lord / raid / siege) to prevent relation loss.
- conspiracy specific troops, that we cannot take as prisoners, CAN be taken by our allies. Then they put them in cities and we can't get them out even if it's our city.

- the biggest immersion breaker right now is that after a few battles won, npc parties become extremely slow because they keep tons of food and apparently don't sell it.
- create more reasons to go visit villages and towns so that just "talking" to npcs isn't the only effective option. Checking on constructions on site to boost building speed, helping villagers with simple tasks like very simple smithing orders, getting better prices on a limited number of goods in markets, or even moving heavy rocks (the animation exists from the sieges) could all be simple optionnal tasks to increase immersion. The tavern maid morale boost is a good example of this.
- let players hold one hideout that they cleared to have a stash & garrison available before they get a proper holding. And/or the ability to create a "camp" anywhere that is far enough from other structures.
- let us attack hideouts whenever we want, I hate darkness. Waiting could be used to ensure that some bandit parties leave, so that it's easier, or even to siege the bandits until the leader comes for a duel.
- players should heal while in prison, maybe slower
- let players escape from cities/castles/parties by fighting their way out, in a similar way as prison breaks. We could also search for our stuff (inventory) in the prison to explain how we get some back.
- siegeing should replenish smithing stamina, or sleeping in towns should have more benefits so that we want to do it.
- let us join a siege (as an army) by interacting with the ally that is already sieging in addition to the castle itself. Why ? Because sometimes my army "saves" an army that was being attacked during a siege and they stop the siege before I'm able to reach the castle to help continue their siege.
- make fighting alongside nobles more meaningful. I often get a "we've never met" message from nobles although we've fought countless battles together in armies. We could simply formally meet them at the end of the first battle together. And it would make sense that we'd get a bit of relation increase as long as our troops got some kills in the fight.

- add formation commands to control the number of lines a formation has. Maybe just "wider !" would suffice, meaning that they stretch the formation so that there's one line less. Clicking to redefine formation width is great but takes too long.
- let us "save" default formation states (shieldwall, spread, width...) so we don't have to do it at every battle
- bug : if you put melee units in group 5 in order of battle, in the next battle they will be spaced as if they were cavalry (not due to a mounted hero)
- let us speed time during battle even if the player is not down, especially when enemies are fleeing
- the changes for troop spawning are great but could be improved, especially when there is a big imbalance in number of troops : it's weird when the enemies come one by one and our troops just stand there waiting for them to appear.
- captains should get experience for their job ; and it's be cool to see who's in charge in text messages when we delegate command to them.

- to invite parties in Army Management, show whether the nobles are cruel or merciful because it has a great importance in sieges (for relations). Or add a link to their encyclopedia page from Army Management. Currently you have to search for their name in the encyclopedia, or pay the influence to invite them and then check their encyclopedia page by clicking on their portrait.
- in troop lists, keep an entry for "locked" troop types so that it shows "0" instead of disappearing and messing the list order.
- in troop lists, various actions (such as just clicking on a unit) often make the scrollbar jump unpredictably. Very annoying.
- let us put militia back in villages that we defended (when they're being raided and we save militia prisonners)
- governors shouldn't count as companions
- in cities, lowest quality bows should be always present. Finding a bow for a companion with a low stat can be hard.
- we can't give stuff like horses to companions as party leaders, whearas we can with family members through bartering (note that we can't give stuff to family members leading parties if our clan is independent, that's a problem too)
- let us access the encyclopedia page of a noble by right clicking on their party on the main map.
- let us "take notes" by selecting a little icon that would be displayed in the corner of people's portrait and/or next to their name on the map, as a reminder. Examples could be a red cross to place on potential companions that we don't want, or a "cruel" sign on nobles so that we know if we want them in our army, or even a checkmark for guys who helped us so that we can role play our gratitude later. Icons would be awesome because every player could use them differently.
- show that a lord is family head (archon and such) when on the map (that could work with the solution above with icons next to the name)
- when visiting a village with an army, show the village npcs first in the portraits lists
- let us call clan parties to our army even though they're not numerous enough. Or let us set an alarm for when they're ready to be called.
- let us form armies as an independent clan. Taking a first city alone doesn't make sense.
- let us recall clan members to our army, at a big influence cost if they're in another army.
- in the encyclopedia, on a noble's page, put the "family" list above "friends" and "enemies" because that's the info we need the most often.
- if you click on a ransom offer then press "esc" the ransom icon disappears, I believe it should stay up because sometimes we want to check what faction that clan is with before deciding.
- when I leave an army, I'd like to have the option to split my horses so that I keep only the amount I need so that my party (and hopefully the others) don't get slowed by herd or overburden.
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