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Gekokujo: Submods (Announce, Release, Comment, and Suggest)

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PPQ_Purple said:
I am no good at coding scenes. All I can do at this point is dialogue and the various unit/item rebalancing that the other submod does better than I ever could. But if you are interested in throwing ideas at me I am open to you suggesting stuff that matches my focus area.

Basically what I am working on is making companion ministers a bit more lively. The end goal, is twofold.
1. Make the generic guy from local nobility minister into a fully fledged character that can do everything companions can and has a personality.
2. Give companion ministers unique conversation texts to make them more flavorful and to give you an actual reason to pick them over the default minister.

So far, I have completed #1 and gotten stuck on ideas for #2.
PPQ_Purple said:
I actually like them that way. Each of them has a distinct flavor that we can play off for maximum effect.

Here is what I have on them so far collected from the game and my own analysis of what dialogue they have.

NameBackground/Personality notesUnique Power
KojiroFootsoldier turned independent.
Wants to abolish leveeing troops and swords!!
YoumuSamurai girl out to learn the ways of the world.
Rule by warriors for warriors…
Relatively young and inexperienced.
WilliamEnglish ship builder.
Wants to open Japan to foreign trade.
Make a note of fellow survivors.
GonnosukeReal? Fake? Sword master.
Is not above fabricating ancestors.
MeilingChinese trader girl. (note, foreigner)
Will trade with China.
TojikoA high status girl close to the imperial family as an administrator.
She definitively has Imperial ambitions for the player character.
No clear idea but ideally something that ties into the administrative past. So maybe a bonus to tax efficiency or something.
MusashiSamurai with no proper sense of proper honor and etiquette.
Wants to dispense with the nobility and rule through direct samurai force.
I am leaning toward him giving a flat monthly relationship bonus with martial lords on account of them liking his "reforms".
FranciscoChristian priests and missionary.
Wants to convert Japan to Christianity.
The whole Christianity angle is too good not to use. But frankly I have no idea how to implement something interesting out of it.
NagakoGirl with noble roots and a good upbringing. Will make an excellent minister.
Comes with personal rivalries and baggage.
Is loyal to the emperor and not shoguns.
Again, I am not sure what to make of this. Ideally I'd want something that ties into her pas baggage
GoemonA peasant turned town laborer who got on the bad side of some samurai.
Wants to let anyone, even peasants appeal to the ruler directly.
Again, not quite sure what to do with this one.
MariA petty farmer turned horse thief (or not).
Dislikes the idea of Samurai killing people on a whim.
Has connections with priests.
HoshiBudhist monk with possible Ikki connections.
Pragmatic, does not care about tradition.
TeruyoWondering minstrel, likes traveling.???
Sessai2nd son of a noble turned monk.
Loves discipline and might appear to be a bully.
No one should rule unless they can take it by force.
Again another candidate for some sort of bonus with warlike lords. Not sure though...
YoshioEx samurai due to a bad duel.
Values honor over bloodlines.
Maybe some sort of bonus with honorable lords?
HyogonosukeSamurai with a love for dueling. Far too much of it!
His loyalty/recruitment drive quest paints him as a schemer. That brings us to his special power.
Basically, I always thought that diplomacy is a bit of a cheat in that it gives you a hell of a lot of info about lords, both local and foreign from your NPC's just with one click. Where as in the vanilla game you had to send people to spy and risk them getting caught and all that.

So I have decided to remove those options from the default diplomacy ministers and move them to only be available as a special thing if you pick Hyogonosuke as your minister. Without him you have to spy the old fashioned way.
YeosongKorean nobleman.
Really dislikes the Chinese.
Should be happy to administrate. And probably quite good at it.
Again, probably some sort of administrative bonus unless one of you can help me mod in an invasion of Korea.  :razz:
MandukhaiMongol girl (foreigner!) traveler.
Will dislike sitting around in court.
Strong, independent woman.
Her special power I have already codded. She has the ability to recruit female troops in the same way fort commanders do. In the vanilla game this is cool. In everyone's favorite submod it's even more cool because you can't get them otherwise. Also because the version I am using for my custom build right now has the female troop tree expanded to bring back the horse archers as an alternate elite unit.
GeorgeTime traveler with modern sensibilities.???
ShihPirate queen. Knows how to run things but may be strained with the etiquette.
Wants to conquer america.
Being who she is I figured she'd have contacts in the underworld and such. Thus I have coded a special power for her that enables her to, when acting as a minister conduct basic diplomacy with the NPC bandits. In practice this means your realm can make peace with the bandits and thus avoid all attacks (lords won't attack them, they won't raid caravans, all the good stuff) or declare war on them again at will.

The decision is 100% up to you and done with a simple relationship change. They do not have any say in the matter.
EnriqueFilipino (and possibly cannibal) with a dislike for the Spanish.No idea. None at all.
IsosangematEzo girl that wants to keep the Samurai from raiding her lands.Ideally my long term dream is to figure out how to add cities and scenes and stuff and do some epic expansion on the Ezo lands. But that's like in version 1000 and I am not even in 0.000001 alpha.
Companions recruited from forts.Remote access to the fort resources and recruitment of their origin.

If you want to help out follow the quote link, read the discussion and than chime in with your own ideas. Feel free to suggest stuff or just quote the table and add your own ideas.
Kojiro power: Recruitment from villages is decreased but the recruits are at a higher level.

Goemon: improved relations with villages, reduced bandit spawn (since commoners would be happier and less desperate).  Possibly reduced relations with lords with certain personalities.

Isosangemat:  Hoo, boy.  Brace yourself for a post I made a while ago:

Mkhedari said:
And now for a bunch of extremely unlikely but cool ideas.

A submod set in the Thirty-Eight Years' War would be cool.  Japan was a very different place in the 8th century, and it would be glorious to repel the Wajin from the land of the Emishi.

But that's unlikely.  It would be easier to just expand some of the options for a would-be Ainu player who would unify his people and retake Ezo and the north.  I love how this mod not only recognizes the Ainus' existence, but also represents them pretty well, even though they're not at all major players and most people have never heard of them.  And I like how Isonsangemat dreams of rebuilding the Emishi.  But so far in my Emishi playthrough, I'm finding it impossible to fulfill our mutual dream because the Ainu are not warriors and because there's no way to establish an Ainu/Emishi state with Ainu lords and units. 

With that goal in mind, it would be great if there were some way to create a simple fort with a village near Otasut and Niputay.  1257 AD gives you the ability to construct not only a regional manor from villages but also a castle from a village.  Once you've built a manor house (not a regional manor) in your village, you can spend 45,000 or 50,000 denars to build a castle.  It appears near your village, and your village is now attached to it.  To compensate the castle or town that your village used to be attached to, another village appears.  For game balance you can only build one such castle per game.  Gekokujo could do the same, and let you pay the chiefs of Otasut and Niputay to have a simple Ainu fort (called a chasi)with a village near each of them, or maybe just one of them.  The chasi would be a simple affair with some earthen mounds, wooden palisades, and a small moat.  Not much, but it's a start.  The chasi and their villages would be classified as belonging to the new Ainu culture in game terms, and would allow you to recruit Ainu units.  However, these units should be able to level up like the Japanese units so that they can eventually be able to fight and not die instantly. 

In another crazy idea, regional manors could have a sort of colonization scheme.  In 1257AD, the regional manors have population numbers.  The higher the number, the more people walk around in it, the more taxes they pay you (it's still not much) and the larger the manorial army you can raise.  Manorial armies are raised by talking to the local constable and telling him to raise an army.  It follows you around and fights on your side, and can be up to 200 or 300 men, I think, but you have to pay the extra upkeep costs or the army will disband or attack (never happened to me, since I always can pay).  The manor's population can get up to about 1,050 before it levels off.  Raising an army will drop both the manor's population and its prosperity.  Both will recover over time at a rate determined by the manor's tax rate.

What I'm suggesting is some sort of system in which manors' populations, once they exceed 1,000, can be transferred to another fief you own to increase its prosperity and change its culture to the one of your manor.  For example, if I had a manor of over 1,000 people near Otasut's castle's village, and I owned, say, the village on the southern tip of Ezo (Hakodate?), I could do a population transfer.  The manor's population would drop to a very low number, Hakodate would see increased prosperity, and I could recruit Ainu units there instead of Japanese.  However, there might be a battle against the enraged villagers first, and I'd take a relations hit with some of the Japanese factions and lords.  On the flip side, you could do this to the Ainu villages, too, like some sort of proto-Kaitakushi.  Or even just transfer people from your manor to your village or some other Japanese place you own to increase prosperity.  And maybe if you did Ainu transfers to northern Japan, you could recruit Emishi horse archers and make Isonsangemat proud!  Villages could cost 1,000 pop, castles 2,000, and towns 3,000 to convert cultures.  Since you can only have one such regional manor per game, and since it takes a while to get the population back up, you couldn't do this too often.  Like most of the other ideas for this submod, they're mostly for that bizarre kind of player with specific tastes, like me.

Proper Ainu faces and hair/beard styles would be nice, though they're acceptable now.  Maybe there could be some Ainu woman faces with the tattooed mustaches, though I wouldn't be keen to court them.  All Ainu units should have massive beards, and the Ezo bow should be a renamed short bow from Warband.  A new set of arrows with their own quiver would be a nice touch but unnecessary.  One of the Ezo outfits, the green one, is actually a lamellar coat.  It could be renamed "Ezo Armor" and given appropriate stats, and a few similar outfits added.  The emush and the warabite-to could be given new hilts and scabbards in the Ainu style.


Aterui shall have his revenge!  :twisted:

Also, I'm dying for some good mempo with mustaches and teeth.  They give the wearer a hell of a war face.  There ought to be gold-colored helmets, tekko, and suneate to go with the gold-colored Nanban armor.  Combining tsubo suneate with jinbaori would be good, too, as would kogake (foot armor).




The whole castle from a village thing is something I would love to see but have not the skills to implement or time to learn. At least for now. I'll reply to the rest later, short on time this instant.


Hey guys, long time no post. I'm not restarting work on Gekokujo (and bannerlord might come out before I get that itch again), but it came back on my radar because of a couple of interesting youtube LPs I ran into by accident. It inspired me to go to Steam Workshop, Nexus, and modDB to link them to the 3.1 patch, but I have something for you guys as well.

Here is the 3.1 beta module system source code: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B29QA_i8Xg9iLW5LSTJlblBvcFk/view?usp=sharing

It's based on the warband 1.166 module system as a base, and I'm not sure how out of date that is nowadays.

Use it how you'd like -- submods, new mods, whatever. I'm only linking it to you guys, but share it with whomever you want and whenever you see someone ask for it. If you have questions about it, I'm sorry but I can probably only help you with basic stuff (but not BASIC BASIC stuff like how to use the module system, etc)
:ohdear: Since the original dev has retired from modding(for now) and released the source code can we assume Gekokujo is  sort of a dead mod if no one continue the work? I really hope Marty changes his mind and continue to work on this excellent mod he alone created from scratch, because  even his another person retake the mod I feel like it won't be the same. Anyways, whatever you are doing, I wish you good luck Marty and I sincerely hope you get the time and the will to work on Gekokujo or at least fix the bugs like random encounters disabling sashimonos or yojimbos/agents not protecting you inside towns. One final time, thank you again for this amazing mod and well, I hope we get to play Gekokujo II in the future(sorry for the wall of text :razz:).


Knight at Arms
Sunny Beach said:
This is for anyone who has wanted this, and just couldn't find it..I know I was stressing trying to find something like this.

Ruler based recruiting! A simple tweak made to the vanilla Gekokujo 3.0 scripts.txt now allows you to take a territory for your faction
and after 72 hours or when you increase your relation with that territory, it will start producing your factions troop!


its pitty smth very nice like that buried under other posts  :???: it'd be very nice if someone make that work with sugoroku 3.1, it'd nice to have my own troops.


Well now that we have the source it is doable. I can't get to it now due to RL work. But like expect a small batch of my own tweaks to the game to be updated to 3.1 soonish. And I guess I could try and shove this thing in too when I do it.


PPQ_Purple said:
This is assuming he commented it all properly and generally made it easy to figure out just what the changes are.
If you have a text editor or IDE that can search through all the .py files, you can search for every instance of "#gekokujo" or "#gekokujo 3.1" (or some other version number) and almost all of them will mark the start and end of a section of code and at the very least a descriptive title, if not a brief summary of my intention with that section. My integration of diplomacy is a bit of a mess, but it's all still commented.

As an example, the much-hated skirmisher weapon script is in module_mission_templates, at the top

#gekokujo 3.0 equipment distributions
#the point of this script is to allow skirmisher weapon variation, reduced "loot spam", and guaranteed items
#first and foremost, this script determines whether an ashigaru skirmisher spawns with bows or guns
#the proportions are based on the unit's faction, the exact weapon is based on the unit's tier
#there are 66 skirmisher units split into 4 tiers and 3 ratios
#tier 1 are basic, tier 2 are "trained", tier 3 are "veteran", and tier 4 are "elite"
#(oda and tokugawa) have 60/40 gunners/archers 
#(uesugi, date, mori, takeda, otomo, hojo, shimazu, and ryuzoji) have 40/60 gunners/archers 
#(everyone else) has 20/80 gunners/archers
#NOTE: always pair yumi_1 with yumi_2 and yumi_5 with yumi_6

I scrolled down a bit and oh my God, you guys would have really hated me if I got one particular subsection to work

		#re-equip ashigaru spearmen start (disabled)
		#these sorry bastards don't know how to select their primary weapons correctly, so no more of this
		#re-equip ashigaru spearmen end

(This one doesn't follow the convention I laid out of noting that it's a gekokujo change, followed by a version number because it's a subsection within a section where that is already noted)
Hey everyone.
I've a problem with Gekokujo 3.0 + Sugoroku 3.0.12. When the Great Lord set me as a strategist, and when starting a new campaign, lords don't follow me.
Ah, and a log full of 'error scripts'.
Ah it's a known bug. If at some point during your save you get captured while enlisted(Freelancer), lords won't follow you because they consider you as a prisoner. To check if you are suffering the aforementioned bug, go to your notes->characters and click on your character's name: if the description says "He/she is prisoner", congratulations, you're suffering from a game-breaking bug that is native to Freelancer, but don't blame Gekokujo(on the other note now that we got the source code someone could fix it, it is possible since the bug is absent of Floris but i'd rather have Freelancer dev sort it out directly, that and the sashimonos disappearing after a random encounter in 3.1).
Oh no. :sad:
I only can start a new game? 700+ days, damn.

I don't have such a description about "inprisoned". Also i'm using last steam version of warband, maybe i must try another?
Its the only bug known to do that, otherwise you must be on bad terms with all vassals of your faction if they refuse to follow you :grin:. But ask around maybe your save file is corrupted.
Thank you for answers.
Just started a new game.

Also i'm had other issues. Recently i got much errors at log again while defending village against Woku pirates.
Or some untextured sashimonos. When i'm going to install Sugoroku, they no more appearing in troop inventories, loot, or shops.  :???:

As always sorry for my bad english.



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Now i learned, how to sing this with my guitar
the chorus just must be taken a higher tone, than the rest song
there needed a strong voice. Or a girl's one.
My throat hurts but i'm really happy.
PS. Instrumental(piano) version of it is used by me as soundtrack for Gekokujo, so i recommend it, strongly recommend!
Japan i love you!

Bobert Mann

Ok, little problem I've been having with sugoroku.  It appears that the texture for the tabi socks is the wrong one.  It's using the texture from the straw sandals removed in favor of the geta.  I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix the texture and even though its so minor its bugging the hell out of me.
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