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Gekokujo Submods

Right, you filthy eta gaijin, listen up. Do you have an idea to add something to Gekokujo? A tweak, texture change, or even total overhaul? Send me a PM and I'll add it to the OP once you've shown it completed. Here are your weapons:

But Tono! I've never modded before!

Go here if you're looking for bits of code.

Ask specific questions here if you're totally stumped.

Note that anything more than a few edits on morgh's, or cosmetic changes, is going to require changes to the Source Code files, aka the Module System. Since Phlpp's released the gekokujo source code, you're free to make mods that alter said code. Of course, check the top thread I linked - Lumos gives a nice easy rundown of how to install the module system.

So without further ado:

Animation Submod 1.2

Changes a lot of animations in the game (standing, running) and adds a bow animation to match the kyudo style of archery. To install, put actions.txt into your main gekokujo folder, and the .brf file into the resources folder. Then add the line: "load_mod_resource = jacobhinds_animations_gekokujo" to module.ini, preferably somewhere near the end of that big fat list of similar lines.

module_animations file added so that other submodders can add their own changes.

Since I've gotten a few people asking me about implementing these animations in other mods, go ahead - they're technically part of an OSP i uploaded to the forge, so treat them as mod-neutral.



monoolho's Dirty Dirtiness Submod

This little tweak makes clothes look a little bit more "worn". No more freshly ironed kimono!

(slow down, little man... I haven't even got out of beta.)


Armour Improvement Submod 1.1

A mod that vastly improves the models used for most armours. Colours have been altered to make them more recognisable, and the poly count has been kept as low as possible to keep performance from being hit.

Now with LODs for better performance.




Monoolhos More Natural Katana Scabbards 1.4

A tweak that changes the position of Katana and Wakizashi scabbards to make them closer to the body.

Heres some caps:



Melphiz Submod

A large number of tweaks, including:
- The ability to choose all 210 banners
- The ability to put troops in owned villages
- Export/import NPC capability
- Battle ratio bar (shows the balance of power during battles)
- The ability to perform lord/staff interactions wherever you are
- The ability to change the colours of existing factions

Check the post (linked above) for more info.


(Link above redirects to a post in the thread)

Adds a large variety of models, troops and weapons to Gekokujo, as well as some cosmetic and gameplay changes. To install, paste contents of folder into a clean install of Gekokujo 3.0.

- banners(like in Knights: Last Battle, but much larger)
- new items
- new map icons
- new upgrade lines for mercenaries
- some historical lord banners
- fixes for arrows, guns, greatswords, naginatas and so on

These submods are already included.
Animation Submod 1.2
Terrain Borders

Realistic Sword Textures

The aim of this submod is to make swords, their scabbards grips and furnishings look more historically accurate and just overall better. Gone are the neon green grip panels and plastic yellow scabbards. Replacing them is an injection of realism with rayskin and period accurate tsuba and grips.

This submod is a collaboration between my self (PPQ_Purple) doing the technical work and Ichimonji Hidetora as the historical accuracy adviser telling me what to do.





This submod has been tested using Gekokujo 3.0 and should be compatible with the 3.1 patch. It has not been tested to work with any other submods. However it should be compatible with anything that does not edit the same textures.

Installation instructions:

Unpack the contents of the .7z archive and  move the files into the Textures subfolder  of your Gekokujo mod installation. Overwrite any existing files when prompted.

Vanilla Gekokujo Rebalance Submod

This is a troop rebalance file for Gekokujo 3.0 that maintains the flavor of the original mod while making a greater variety of troops more potent and useful.

All clan troops, mercenaries, Ronin, Onnabushi, and Agents were rebalanced (and in general buffed). Other changes include adding sidearms for Spearmen so that they can defend themselves and be more useful in siege assaults, and Takeda Samurai Archers were given horses for flavor.

To install, simply download the troops.txt file in he link, and replace the troops.txt file in the Gekokujo folder (Note: Highly recommended that you backup the original troops.txt file in case you decide you want the vanilla troops).
I don't remember seeing that red armor ingame , is it your doing ?
jacobhinds said:
that's Osric building on some stuff that's jacked from shogun 2. Can't be releasing that though, it's grey-area law-wise.

I'm sure it'll be fine. Theyve been completely re-rigged and skinned for Warband, I say 'they', but really its only 2 models, I wont be using the helmets. I've seen mods where the entirety of Witcher 2's armory was put into Skyrim heh. Source Filmaker does the same with characters. No repercussions and yet theirs videos with millions of view using them  :razz:

Osric said:
I'm sure it'll be fine. Theyve been completely re-rigged and skinned for Warband, I say 'they', but really its only 2 models, I wont be using the helmets. I've seen mods where the entirety of Witcher 2's armory was put into Skyrim heh. Source Filmaker does the same with characters. No repercussions and yet theirs videos with millions of view using them  :razz:

The Witcher 2 models & textures were a gift from the developers of the Witcher (CD Projekt RED) to the Skyrim modding community, hence there were no legal issues.
Bethesda is well known for hunting down those who use their assets for other games and vice versa.

Personally... I don't really like the Shogun 2 armor all that much, badly spaced  lace, black lace on red armor with black cloth backing.... I can't remember ever having seen that on autenthic armor yet, and I've seen hundreds of suits and even more separate armor pieces.
Besides... black lace was avoided because the pigment made the silk lace brittle, and the black on red on black combination just shows incredible poor taste.

Furthermore, that helmet cord knot is incorrect, you can't wear the helmet like that as it could fall down, only collectors and museums use this kind of knot because it's convenient for display (the cord is very long, you don't want it dangling on the floor for people to step on).
The lack of a throat guard with the mask is also incorrect, I see this often with the Shogun 2 models, and worse... a throat guard without a mask, it's just impossible.
Last time I checked I counted  about 25 mistakes in their armor models and textures, I spotted more but stopped counting them. (they should just have called the game Total Fantasy Shogun 2, and not just because of the mistakes in armor).
Maybe I'm being a bit harsh... but that comes with the ability to appraise antique Japanese armor, the more you know, the more you will focus what they did wrong.

To be fair, the helmet is particularly well made, very realistic, the mask looks nice too.

:!: If anyone ever wants to create a sub mod for Gekokujo with more authentic weapon & armor weights and looks, I might be willing to share my deep knowledge and experience on the subject (I should give it some thought, and who knows I might even tweek some of the models, like authentic cross sections for naginata and omi yari for example).

After getting some promotions while being a retainer for a lord, i started to wear one of those faction armors with the 2 flags on the back.

The problem of those armors is that those 2 big flags are in the view when you're playing in 3rd person view, i have a very hard time seeing what kind of attack an enemy that is in close combat with me is going to do, as the 2 flags are in the middle.
It's not a big problem, as i just switch to 1st person view when i'm wearing such armor, but i wonder if it's possible to edit the 3rd person view to avoid the flag problems.

Anyone know if it's possible to change the height of the camera a bit in 3rd person view or if it's something hardcoded and so not modifiable ?
I think I have done something wrong with the animation pack, when I try to run with my weapon drawn, I'm floating in air taking the shape of a cross.

Edit: My bad, its works now.
I'll look into that - i think i deleted one of them and didn't change the .txt file. But I'm away from the computer until tomorrow. In the meantime you can look at actions.txt and measure up the animations after ride_0, and see if one of the entries is missing in the .brf, then duplicate if necessary. I've got a feeling it's ride_3a or something.
Also while you're at it, if you got time, I've got some feedback on how the animations are going ingame.

Is it possible for you to remove the polearm idles (pike_loop01 to 05 IIRC) from two handed weapons? The 2 handed weapons in this mod are mostly too short to justify using any of the pike idle animations, but mostly short enough to justify using the sword_loop03 and 04 animations for idle. I also found that pike_run works fine with two handed weapons, but it'll be nicer to blend in sword_run_1 and sword_run_3 as well for the katanas, sword_run_2 would look weird for kanabos so that's a no-go. An unintended consequence from that would be that weapons like the ninjato and practice kanabo would play more sword than pike run animations and that would be cool. As for the polearm idles, the native greatsword idle doesn't fit as most polearms will clip straight through the leg. I think I can't do it from my end without getting into the module system, so I'll need to trouble you for that.

Edit: Checked the .brf and action.txt, nothing seems missing at the moment, all new_ride1 to 4e are accounted for in both files with no differences. see edit 2

Edit 2: found it, it's in the lancer_ride4_no_shield section.
A backup gekokujo action file says there's only one variation of the animation and your action file has 3 of them including the vanilla one. The other two animations (lancer_ride4_no_shield_1 and lancer_ride4_no_shield_2) are not in your brf.
Hey, I've got to ask you (and others): just like you did an animation mod, I also am working on one.

It's not nearly perfect, but i managed to throw together lots, LOTS of animations. I think they are functional and provide a lot of variety (i will eventually test it out on 1257 ad to see if it works well with european setting). I did use animations from other modders.

So what I ask is this: should I successfully get their respective permissions, would I be able to upload it here? (and the nexus) I did include most of your animations, just changed some to my personal taste. And also, would like your permission, jacobhinds and phlpp.

I am also trying to "fix" the katana position so the tip of the scabbard doesn't point to the sky, but I have no idea (yet) as how to do it, anyone messed with that before me?

Thank you very much. And thank YOU, Mr. jacobhinds. You've done awesome work I wanted since the first release of mount and blade! Eventually I'll try to do textures, give more variety and give those "wear and tear" to some stuff, mayhaps...
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