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Centalore said:
In the Daimyo edition, is there a way to turn off the wound system? I was wounded multiple times fighting as a freelancer for a lord. It got so bad that I had to leave despite the beastly loot and perks.

I've waited for over two weeks, and I am still wounded. Kind of hard to go around fighting now at level 20 and my stats barely hitting the two digit marks.

I'm afraid not. Aruda said that there's no way for it to be turned off last I recall.

I don't mind there being a wound system but I wish there were better ways of keeping track of one's wounds or if there be physicians that one could pay to heal them early.


can anione help with rgl error
error unable to find interior meshgekokujo_interior_medium_2
it happend when i tryed to conquer a castle in gekokujo 3.0 mod


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muffinman038 said:
Where would I be able to change the recruiter's number of recruits?

You can select the number of troops you wish with for the recruiter to gather when you first hire him. Once he is sent out, that number is unchangeable. The maximum number of recruits is 50 per recruiter, and various options are given in the initial dialogue option to chose how many units to recruit and from what clan. From within the game itself, I do not know of any option allowing you to change those numbers once selected.
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