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NA Duel Completed (GeForce 3060 + $125 Prize) NA 1v1 Tournament

Added to Calendar: 12/09/21

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Sergeant at Arms
All matches played in Round 4 and beyond until semi-finals (both upper and lower bracket) will be first-to-3 sets instead of best-of-3 sets.


Sergeant at Arms
Sloppy movement defaults to ummmmidk
Volv defaults to eailene
cake7401 defaults to Narmin
senmati defaults to Falmeer
WarbandmanYT defaults to Etonviper
Arni 3 - 2 Jesus__Is__Lord
Narmin defaults to Imperator
Chao Persik 2 - 0 Ahmed
BestNAPlayerGTA 2 - 0 Ruthven
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