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Hello folks, this is a gameplay mod for With Fire and Sword 1.143 that I am currently working on. The version is released:


Changes: As of 1/3/2012 (These changes should be save-game compatible)

Fixed a bug where Hussars got dehorsed when they lanced (Thanks paulgrrr)
Added companion export/import.

Features: As of 10/23/2011

Plains battles and sieges no longer end when you die (some other battles haven't been changed yet, you have to manually retreat using tab when your whole army is dead)

Most items have been factionized so you can only purchase them in correct places.

Villages, cities, and castles now have population, hopefully troops can only be purchased there when there is enough population, also bot armies and garrisons only replenish when there is available population. (So far this feature seems to work)

My own weapon breaking and de-horsing scripts have been added.

Companions now start at a high level with random skills. (They shouldn't level-up much anymore.

You can garrison men in your village. (They don't help anything but as long as the village is yours you can access them, also you can remove the peasant levies that build up there. They use population to be created though.


More hoof dust
Party size is roughly 1000.
Gunsmoke lasts longer
Hussar lances are now extremely deadly but turn into a saber after the first blow (rather contrived but I hate it when hussars use lances in a melee.
Tavern mercenaries now more expensive.
Mercenary camp mercs do not get more expensive when there are less at the camp anymore. Also, you now get full refund from gear you remove from them.
You start at a higher level.
Some items which could not be purchased can now be purchased.
You start with more renown.


Copy your Ogniem i Mieczem module and past the contents of my folder into your new module, rename it anything you want to.


This mod is not "done" but it probably will only be updated when I am playing WFAS.

Feel free to ask how different features work, and report problems.

I included the module system for the mod.

Paulgrrr has been adding more changes to this, to get his version of the mod go here:

This small tweak seemed awesome but after pasting the new items in the new module, game crashes in the middle of loading, saying " Cannot find file : CommonRes/prisonCart.brf" this error never popped up before and happens only when I try to use your mod. Thanks for any help :grin:
I hope to see a new release since this one didn't really make me see the changes before i took a look more carefully. :smile:

Are you sure that your game was updated to 1.143 before you tried installing this mod?


Not quite sure what you mean there, is there something that should be changed?
Well, what you have done here surely looks promising, though they aren't really major features if you see what i mean. Most of people is expecting an "Enhanced" version of this mod. No offense. :smile:
what about start your own kingdom?..
are you planning to do it, has someone already done it?
many thanks for any answear.
It's only a idea, but if you have time, you should make cannons, rockets, more guns + polearm and /or a singleplayer map overhaul
I would like to thank Gaunt for this awesome mod.

Hussar's lances were actually disposable just like your mod. They were hollow in order to be light enough for the hussar to aim it with one arm.
Thanks  :smile:

New version uploaded with companion export/import and a bugfix.

Sorry there is nothing else, I haven't been playing in a while...but someday...lol
Hey, I like the changes except one thing, starting with a party size of 1000, I find that it takes the fun away, is there a way to revert to the native system whilst keeping the other changes ?
This tool can do a lot of tweaks, one of which is base party size. You may want to back up the text files before using it though, I can't guarantee that it will work on my mod.


If you were to replace the file you would also revert all the other changes that were done to that file, probably messing stuff up big time.

I don't why it didn't work for you, I just tried it and it worked fine. It might not work with a save game though.
Could you explain the theory behind the companion being high level thing? What's wrong with leveling them up?
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