Gauntlets and greaves

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First of all, I would like to express my gratitude - this mod is awesome! Finally a good recreation of the Late Middle Ages in the M&B world!

I am a little confused when I need to purchase gauntlets and greaves. I can hardly find any of them in towns and it seems that the cheat menu lacks the find-an-item option?!

I'm playing 2.3. Any ideas?


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Edward, I will lend u my hand of help, by updating mods version, soon enough  to my own repack, that existed instead common Ktlb versions, with diplomacy in it and lots of new stuff from me (models, textures) hope u like it.
I finally found the damn gauntlets and greaves! There you go: enable the cheat menu, open it and the top option, incorrectly called "change the weather", is the good old find-an-item. There you can find almost everything, including our beloved gauntlets and greaves. Some of the top-tier armour suits are absent, but it's not a big deal - you can buy these in the nearest city.

Fuwa, I wish you luck with the modding!
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