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Villages are sitting ducks. Im currently late-game and I either have to siege or defend from a siege. I have three towns which are miles apart and Battania has been reduced to rubble but still has enough gold in his pocket to muster up 5 mercenary clans.
Those clans are relentless in their pursuit to make my life a living hell by continueslly raiding my villages.

I cant defend my villages, they're too far apart from eachother and my cunning is needed elsewhere. Nor can I send my parties anywhere because well, I cant send them anywhere.

The only clan member nearby who would be able to do anything is sitting in my town, drinking my wine and eating my food while occasionally solving a village problem.
If only I could have that clan member, along with the 400 garrisoned troops that reside in that town, do my work for me.

Suggestion: Let the Governor take up a piece of the garrison (predetermined or at random) and roll out to attack the raiding parties.
This would add multiple benefits in my opinion:

1.Add a layer of strategy. You want to attack a town? Better first have someone raid their villages so the garrison (if adequatly sized) will move out to defend.
2.Make the map more dynamic. You want to raid a village? Better make sure you dont get stalked by a lesser party who can get backed up by the entire garrison.
3.Keep economy more stable. Always have poor lords? Nobody can keep their armies together? Protect the villages.
4.Make more sense of the garrison. Its not just a troop-reserve-list anymore, they actually function and have a goal in life.
5.Adds meaning to castles. Why would you want/need a castle? So you can stack a garrison there to protect your villages (a.k.a. income).

Not sure if it's already been recommended but I thought this would make a nice addition.
Interested to hear what you all think.
I think it´s a question of balance. If a faction could make use of all it´s parked troop, they should be untouchable once they get the upper hand of anything other than a 500+ army. If a loosing faction couls not raid anymore with their 50-75 low-tier troops, the snowballing would be back!

That said, a combined role of "governor + patrulling party" could make sense. IE a governor that takes a party spot in the clan but is stationed in the fief untill he is needed. He has a party-limit like any party, he cant use militia, only regular troops. A player could easely game this though, by shadowing a raiding ally and help out when they are attacked by the garnison, getting rid of the high-tier defenders of the fief.
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