Garrison in conquered castles

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I am marshall of Swadia, We conquered castle and when we leave battle, Castle has no garrison at all. When I was marshal of Swadian rebels, everytime we conquered castle, it had around 50 troops inside so I didnt have to put my own troops into that castle. Is it bug or has it any explanation?
It's an inconsistency with how garrisons are handled after switching sides. It may be viewed as either a bug or intentional, though.

If you conquer a castle and claim it for yourself, you will get 0 troops and you are expected to fill the garrison yourself or via your constable. This might help players who want to keep their garrisons "pure".

If you conquer a castle and give it to somebody else (the claimant you're helping during a rebellion for example), they will automatically add a few reinforcements (it's about a week's worth of new recruits).
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