Gang leaders, dancers & party morale

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Presently gang leaders and 'dancers' don't do much in the game so maybe they can help the player's party's morale. The player goes to a gang leader's dialogue and there is a service for 'dancers' for the troops. The 'dancing' would be expensive but it will greatly increase morale to the party. Maybe there could be levels of quality of 'dancers' or even a troop tree for 'dancers'. The higher the quality of dancers and the greater the amount the higher and longer the morale buff but at higher cost to the player. This 'dancing' only occurs at night.

This service maybe illegal maybe there would be policies for this. If its too suggestive 'dancing' could be called something like a party or 'entertainment'. Also they could be bath houses such as the ones from Ancient Rome.


Dancing is fun. In my country we have a saying 'To forget yourself in tango' or to put it simply 'to tango' which is generally loosing the touch with the materiał world, embracing the chaos and worshipping joy above all - it is temporary good for boosting morale. It includes all forms of tangible - flesh related pleasures and for some would mean something transcendental and methapysical. I'm all in!

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