Gameplay Suggestion: Implement features of Freelancer into the base game

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This was originally a thread created on the General Discussion board. It had good intentions, but with most threads in that section, it got derailed and the topic of interest was quickly forgotten about in return of receiving drama nobody wanted. Regardless of how anyone feels about TW looking at suggestions or the sort, I still feel like this IDEA needs to be re-made on the proper board.

Freelancer is a gameplay/playstyle mod that allows players to join up under any lord and serve as a soldier of their army, which comes with promotions, wages, better gear and bonuses. Players can also choose to lead a bandit lifestyle or guard caravans. There are lots of features in this mod, it's really well done and quite frankly it's a requirement for me. Credits to Bloc, of course.

Bannerlord needs significantly more content, so that being said.. I feel like you guys at TaleWorld need to take a look at this mod and consider including it in the vanilla experience. It would be a missed opportunity otherwise.


Freelancer adds features that are a must-have for a medieval military cRPG.

E.g. what's the most believable story: "some vigilante weirdo alongside his peasant sidekicks hunted down so many dozens of bandit parties that he became noteworthy" or "an enlisted soldier fought in several small and large-scale battles, steadily rose through the ranks and eventually amassed enough renown and wealth to become a war leader in his own right".

Not saying hunting down bandits on occasion doesn't have its appeals, but I know which option I find more engaging and immersive.
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