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Hi to ALL !  :grin:
Im back !  :lol:

Dont know yet for long time, or not , but im look 903 , and find many things im make in strat ( and few in battle) looks like things from my mod  :roll:. Now its more looks like war, not a rendom party walk around . BUT im find native so boring ! War is going so slowly , not realy big castle attack ( from Ai to player castles) May burning village and have 2000-3000 without any fight. May jast wait and take 1500-5000 jast from ONE own village . Money balans is saxx ! Im have more 40000 gold for 2 days playing and all grate armor , and capture 6 or 7 castles , boring ! Ai dont attak you castles even have grate stranges in few meters from him , its need to fix ! 
Im hope authors fix this things , but if not, maybe im make it , but im wate then they finish fix for 0_9 vers  :wink:

Hey mate! Welcome back!
It was about time you showed up :wink:
Oh and merry Christmas to you my friend!
Hi McLenin  !!  :grin:

Glad to see you ! Yes im back , not shure for long time, but im start look new modules , and find many new interesting things  :wink:

Happy New Year and ofcouse merry Christmas to you too, my friend !  :grin:

BTW Russians have two Christmas and two New Years  :razz:, from Gregorian and Yulian calenders :lol: (ortodox Christmas is 7 January  :grin:) All people have holiday from 29-9 , so maybe im work on mod in holidays  :wink:
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