Unresolved GamePad(Xbox) still not correct, and bugs found

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Summary: GamePad controls and it's cursor need help
How to Reproduce: Play the game with Xbox controller(only)
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The gamepad controls have been massively improved since launch, kudos for that! However, in it's current state it is no-where near Xbox Console ready.

The most important issue is when in menus(Inventory, Troop, Smithing, etc..), you can see the cursor blink extremely fast(every frame) when in between 2 selections. Most notedly near the arrow on troop bar that aims left(on right side menu). Being a programmer myself, I know this to be a run-away "for" loop, and that it's not coded properly. Seeing that the cursor(joystick) does not work exactly as the mouse(PC) would, the mash-up code to make them work together is just not right. A simple debug test will show that something is reading every frame, when it shouldn't be, and is severely hurting performance. Also the cursor selection jumps around randomly.

The second most important issue is Troop Commanding(Battles), and I could spend all day on explaining everything wrong, but I'll just reference the most important;
-Left Stick(L.joystick) should take place of all W,A,S,D uses(this is currently cursor mouse).
-Right Stick(R.joystick) should take place of all Mouse uses(this is currently camera mouse).
-Directional Pad(Dpad) should take place of all Arrow uses(this is currently a hybrid of un-important things).
-Left Bumper(LB) is currently proper with taking place of F1, as troop commands(in menu buttons are garbage).
-Right Bumper(RB) is currently proper, weapon switching offers no problems(double tap needs tooltip).
-Left Trigger, and Right Trigger are both proper.
-Y Button should be mount/dismount horse.
-X Button for kick/bash, A Button for jump are proper.
-B Button should be crouch(although this action is useless).
-Left Stick Click(L.click) should be horse sprint(double tapping up correctly on joystick is sparse).
-Left Stick Down(L.down) should be horse halt(double tapping down correctly on joystick is sparse).
-Right Stick Click(R.click) is proper with zoom view.
-Select Button(back) should take place of tab, scoreboard and end battle.
-Start Button(start) is proper with options menu.
The biggest Quality of Life improvement needed is LB(hold). If a controller is detected all options need to be a radial wheel(default is bar), and only having the first three options options as hotkeys is confusing: R.joystick should be the "highlighter", Right Trigger should be the "selector", B Button as cancel(return to previous). If coded properly, selecting the last option within wheel should not also give troops a new position(check release, wait for new press). The Dpad semi-works as group selection, however: Dpad Up should be all troops, Dpad Down should be singular group, and Left/Right highlight/select new group while keeping last selected true(selection always starts at group 1).

As far as most things needing selected(world map tabs, menus, troops), the selection areas need to be simplified, then once selected micro-manage within them. To give an example; Dpad Left now highlights the Character/Inventory/Troops/Clan tab, pressing A Button now offers selection between those tabs. B Button cancels micro-manage, Dpad Right now highlights the Revenue/Influence/TroopCount tab(also expanding it), pressing A Button now offers highlighting each selection to see it's tooltip, B Button cancels micro-manage, Dpad Up now highlights the notification area, and so on... Same goes for troops and resources, once highlighted and selected, Dpad selection allows for Talk/Execute/Butcher/Lock/Upgrade/etc...

A current Bug, that has always existed, is when in menus a troop/resource tab will open for no reason. Selecting it twice then cancels the bug. This random tab opening and the constant random jumping of selections is very infuriating. I have known this issue to be around since launch, and seeing that it's still here 2 years later is very disappointing.

I fear with Console launch now ~2 weeks away, that the reviews will be mostly negative. I'm not sure who you've tested the GamePad controls with, but they are not a avid Console Controller user. Please test for yourself right after game launch, only using a Xbox controller. I can assure you after 2 hours of gameplay, you will start pulling your hair out, and question when the guy who coded controller controls will finally get his summer break from elementary school so that he can finally clean up his code, and make the game console ready. I mean no offense, it's just that infuriating...

Besides troops still getting stuck on siege weapons, player falling off the castle wall from using catapults, troops getting stuck within walls, and the like.. The game is superior awesome, and everyone who worked on it should get a major round of applause during launch(including the kid who coded gamepad)! I wish this game to be #1 played among all systems, and when fully fixed(TBD) that everyone take a much needed break! Love the game, love you guys, thank you, and goodnight..
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