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I have some problems with the game optimalization. I hardly ever get stabile 60 fps, because its usually around 45-50 and lowers up to 30 when I'm in more crowded areas. I have tried many options but I'm still not sure which options are using the most resaurces when it comes to FPS, this is why I'm asking if someone could help me which options to turn off and which ones to keep at "low" etc. (I'm playing on mostly Medium/Low settings)
Also when playing on servers after clicking "Play" the FPS are even lower, but when i choose servers from the server list then FPS is as mentioned before.

My PC:
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5
i3-8100 3.60 GHz
Windows 10 Pro with all the newest updates
(I don't know what else is important when it comes to requirements, so tell me what information is needed)

Thanks for helping me! 🤡


i3 are not powered enought for this game. It is CPU intensive because of the amount of Npcs on screen. i5 7th gen will be enought for fair fps count
Gpu its ok for medium settings
and add at least 8gb more of ram.
Hey there, looking at the current spec requirement on steam (no idea how accurate that is, im sure things will change when EA happens) you have the minimum cpu required to run the game. I'm not entirely sure you can squeeze much more out of it through just changing the settings in game. You may be able to OC, but there are potential risks involved when doing so.
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