MP Fantasy Game of Thrones: Multiplayer Module [Early W.I.P.]

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< Introduction >

This is going to be a game of thrones multiplayer module. The idea is to create a module with the big houses (will be used as factions) in the game of thrones series. I will use pre-modified units with fairly equal abilities. Which basically means that you will not be able to customize your own unit like you can in native. The plan is to have 12 different houses/factions. Another idea I have had is to make maps indentical with the places in tv-series and the books which will be playable for the users. The module will be taking place after the red wedding staring events in the 4th and 5th book/tv-series..

< Houses >

- House Lannister
- House Martell
- House Tyrell
- House Bolton
- House Arryn
- House Baratheon
- House Targaryen
- House Tully
- House Frey
- House Greyjoy
- The Nights Watch
- The Wildlings

< Features >

- Pre-modified units
- 12 Factions (more might be added at a later stage..)
- Adapted for clans and regiments.
- New Weapons and Armours.
- Banner Bearers for cavalry and infantry.
- Even attributes for the different units.

Got any suggestions? Feel free to come up with ideas here on the forums.

< Recruiting.. >

- Modeler & Texturer
- Scenemaker
- Graphic Art (Headers, Graphics etc.)

Are you interested in joining the team? PM me on the forums.

< Images >
< Coming Soon! >
I believe there is one other in the making. But that doesn't really matter. These wouldn't be the first GoT mods that would compete in it's development. Some competition is never bad.

So, good luck! :smile:
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