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SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.1 released 7/3/22)

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Holy cow. I just realized theres actually giants in this game. Are they tameable? Can I collect one, even when i'm not a supporter of the free folk? 
deahmed said:
Holy cow. I just realized theres actually giants in this game. Are they tameable? Can I collect one, even when i'm not a supporter of the free folk?
Not sure on tamablity, but definitely funny to kill.

ALSO any news on how the mods going?
deahmed said:
To bad the Beta 8 doesn't seem to have any story change. Makes this no different than Acok..
Since they are based off a book series...there isn't much that is going to be different.
Sumtingwong said:
deahmed said:
To bad the Beta 8 doesn't seem to have any story change. Makes this no different than Acok..
Since they are based off a book series...there isn't much that is going to be different.

This is true. Whilst I havnt played ACoK I have seen some lets plays and the story/quest part of the mod is nicely done. Though I prefer a more sandbox type game which is what I have tried to create with AWoIaF. Meaning more game mechanics that allow the player to do what he pleases and less quests/story.

I have always said I would have preferred to have helped Cozur and add the features/mechanics I wanted. Though he would not allow this, meaning Ive had to create a mod from scratch to allow my type of playstyle.

In other news: I'm hoping to get Beta 8 uploaded to Moddb by this afternoon. Don't forget I also have an AMA on reddit next week end.


Now being uploaded.
Really nice work !!! I've read all the changelog and its a huge work done here. Congratz to all the team and a big thank you Produno to listen advices of beta testers  :ohdear:

FEW bug after hours of first play through Beta 8:

- So many soldiers of the north and of other factions too have white hairs they all look olds, on this it was normal/better in beta 7 certainly a bad manip.

- Some invisible walls in some random battle scenes, your horse get stuck like there is something but no ...

- Performance could be optimised a little: when you enter a scene its like people are falling (especially in taverns), little lag of loading textures or something, and big batttles with 300 is a little bit slow.

- Could difference north clanmens and bandit clansmen wich you could call free clansmen or renegades clansmen or just put them as as north bandits or another name, clansmen are supposed to be vassals of the north, when Robb Stark ask you to find the north clansmen camp and kill them its a little bit weird from a RP point of vue.

- You should really rethink light medium and heavy armors penalties, for me an heavy armor should have the penalties wich a medium armor got currently in beta 8. There is light mails that are called medium armors or maybe it should be called light armor ? Anyway the penalties are really hard for low armors, would be nice refine the system that is not far from being great.

- Could you equip north cavalry with this famous horse OSP that is great (the same horses that northmen got than in ACOK), and put them in far north horses sellers.

- Too many war trophies: i gained many levels in one battle without killing anyone :iamamoron:

- Some textures got a "blackhole" on it.

- Who want to hire shepperds ? :facepalm:

Despite of this there is many many good things very good character design, very nice banners, awesome tournament scene in Winterfell, many many new good scenes, epic battles with a very good IA.
AMA on Reddit right now :smile:

Hi just want to say first off great mod just downloaded and loving it so far but I have come into a couple of problems for one I get Red error code when I enter winterfell castle also when I enter some inns there is a copy of my character and when I'm traveling I get some red error text about courting any help would be much appreciated
Thanks Armoury for the bug reports. Im working on fixing a few things for the next patch which should come soon.


These are known bugs and dont really effect anything. For the tavern, just exit and re-enter, this normally solves the issue. Im working on finding the issue.
I know you'll probably get around to it but I would further suggest removing a lot of items from brytenwalda.

In version 7 the shops were really unexciting. Now they're much improved, but there's still the odd pitchfork that looks thousands of years old and seeing a bunch of pitchforks and similar stuff in shop just looks so odd, as if half of the items sold were uninteresting irrelevant wooden junk.

I'd also highly recommend giving a lot of attention to the starting items for every choice that the player can make. It really helps immerse the player early on and gives you even more opportunity for you to play around with your imagination

Otherwise, what you have created here is something ******** amazing. The map, the starting sequence, the various scenes, the troops, it all makes me want to wipe my ass with ACOK.

Go produno, make this beast even badder! :wink:
Very nice advices from YourStepDad ! Too much Brytenwalda, and starting gear who fit well with your background would be very immersive. Don't have much time to test i'm playing Fallout 4 :dead:.
Indeed, I also think there are too  many junks in the stores. But who know, may be there's someone who has pitchfork fetish? And while I understand why bow damage changes from piercing to cutting but it's not the bow that does the damage but the arrow. There are various types of arrow that can be translated into M&B as piercing arrow, cutting arrow and blunting arrow.
Really enjoying beta 8, so many new improvements that are really making this mod incredible.

With regards to the next beta I just wanted to mention the sounds - they seem a little off, particularly for wooden weapons and arrows. Could just be me but I've always been a huge fan of the More Metal Sounds mod, maybe you could incorporate that?

Can't wait to sink many more hours into this, thanks for all your hard work!

Yeah I agree with Xerdun, more metal sounds would be good. Here we've got sounds that fit the dark ages ,but not so much late middle ages.
Will you be expanding essos troops wise is we that bravos and dothraki have there own troop trees but not the others as far as I'm aware
While enlisting for Stark as a scroat soldier, I entered Winterfell (while he was there) and I seem to have gained eight Lords in my party from somewhere. They're costing me 600 per week and eating all of my food. We've not been in any battles nor have I recruited anybody. I can't talk to them either, so dismissing them in the usual fashion isn't an option. Something is definitely broken.

There are loads of invalid party IDs, causing the feed to vanish constantly. Also, I see myself in the Tavern whenever I go there to quick-save.

EDIT: Leaving service does nothing either, they're still there in my party. I can talk to them but I can only see their stats and gear, no option to dismiss. Looks like I won't be playing this then lol.
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