SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.1 released 7/3/22)

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ajbman03 said:
Can you get unsullied yet??
The Unsullied are added for the next version, although thier armours are generic for now until correct ones are made. They can be hired from a Good Master somewhere in Essos.
Woah. Nice!  :smile:
Keep chugging along folks! Very much looking forwards to this mod.
Hope you don't get burned out. Very easy to do.
A huge cudos to you for the attitude you guys have. Quite nice change from some other modders out there, not mentioning anyone but there's a reason I look forward to this GoT/Awoiaf mod... :wink:

And pics! Pics are good! :p
As we seem to agree on mostly^^
Keep it up, rather it takes 6 months longer to get done than you guys get burned and release what's half of what you wanted.  :grin:
MitchyMatt said:
effemb said:
produno said:
New poll.

If i get enough votes i will take the time to post screenshots of all assets currently in the mod.

Rule of thumb: if you dont have something to show in gameplay, dont waste time with it.

I prefer not seeing anything and hoping that your time is better spent on PRODUCT and not HYPE.

We all know what happens when teams focus on HYPE :smile:

Keep chugging along!

Not showing anything = "Is this mod dead?" or "Can you show us what you're doing?" questions which can be quite annoying in time. As a moderator, I take time to showcase things that I know will keep the HYPE going so people stay interested. What good is doing a mod if there is no hype and people aren't interested?: No good.

More than a year into this mod and you've got 5 screenshots. Now you know why people want screenshots.
U want screenshots. I get you screenshots:

On my opinion the Lion-Carved Breastplate should replace the TV Series' Samurai Style-Breastplate.
ThaneWulfgharn said:
U want screenshots. I get you screenshots:

On my opinion the Lion-Carved Breastplate should replace the TV Series' Samurai Style-Breastplate.

hey I like the Samurai style of Lannister soldiers, they look fab! :grin:

so 0.5.0 is coming these days ?
EFREM said:
hey I like the Samurai style of Lannister soldiers, they look fab! :grin:

I like it too, but there are two problems with it:
->Too hard to make, especially because there are at least 4 variations(footmen, lionsguard, lords and tywin)
->Lion one is more book-lorewise.
I would really love a quest line where you could become a faceless man of Bravos. Kind of a modification of the native "Kill the outlaw" quest except your target could also be in a city or castle as well as a village. It could even be a lord.

But alas I don't think it's possible with warband  :sad:
Its possible and i think i know a way it could be done. But it depends if its worth the time and effort involved.

Though thats the sort of things i enjoy doing, but unfortunately i think its wise to try and get everything else out of the way first, which includes the boring bits for me like scenes etc.

Once everything has been changed and represents the world correctly, i can start adding some pretty cool stuff. Maybe even a red wedding :wink:.


New version ready for download http://www.moddb.com/mods/a-world-of-ice-and-fire/downloads/a-world-of-ice-and-fire-alpha-v050
House Mallister's Armor:

Bilwit(pauldrons and base metals)
FantasyWarrior(his tutorial on armor making aswell as his bases)

I know it looks a little like Vale, that's why I'm going to make a similiar version for the Vale.
Looking good thane! Cant wait to see them ingame :wink:.

For anyone thats downloaded the Alpha and wants to help bugfix, the latest patches can be found here:

Like some parts of the mod. 

Some parts of Brytanwalda I'm not a fan of and are not part of the ASoIaF lore.  The books clearly feature warhorses and lances.  So far I can't find warhorses or lances even in King's Landing.  Do I have to be a certain level or something?  What is done so far with the Others/magic/faiths?  Couldn't figure much of it out on my own.  Is there a full changelog?
Full changelog is here http://www.moddb.com/mods/a-world-of-ice-and-fire/features  and the latest update changelog is here http://www.moddb.com/mods/a-world-of-ice-and-fire/news/a-world-of-ice-and-fire-alpha-v050-release

Warhorses will be in for the next big update, maybe the same for lances.
That's good to here and thank you for sharing the changelogs.  I also appreciate your being open to suggestions.

You have done a lot of good work on this mod and I apologize as now I read my prior post and it appears overly critical.  I should be thanking you for releasing an alpha.  There was a group that accomplished much on ASoIaF and didn't release anything.  Thank you for giving us a new experience.
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