SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

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Perisno dev right here. No need to :razz:

Just fiddle around with the Load Textures on Demand and Force Single Threading. That's usually what fixes Runtime errors, no matter the mod.
I'm not going to turn this into a thread about another mod. I respect Cozur enough to keep his thread on topic.

Can we talk about how awesome the trailer for the next season is, and how excited we all are?
YES it looks great cant wait to see the sand snakes and the fighting pits what are you looking forward to

Oh and also ive come across a bug I have 5 followers in moute calin and once I free them and leave the prison to fight our way out I get stuck outside the castle
The books are SO MUCH better than the HBO movie.

Besides, I don't like the way producers change the plot and mix the events. But thats my opinion :smile:
Very much looking forward to the Cersei scenes. Contrary to most people I love her character. But then I've always been the kind to root for the bad guys, I'd rather watch someone making a big mess of things that someone fixing it! There's fun times ahead for her, though sadly the Tyrion chapters got very boring for me. The Daenarys scenes were also very good, as are the Jon scenes, and things are getting interesting in the Vale, Dorne and the Stormlands :wink:

Bran makes a story about magical awakening seem boring somehow, it's like those chapters at the start of fellowship of the ring where they spend 200 pages sniffing flowers and describing every tree and rock they pass and tripping out with Tim Benzedrino

Books are almost always better than TV/movie adaptions, but I think they've done a much better job with this than, say, Harry Potter. And I'm glad to be able to share my love for the series with more people as it becomes better known. I think they nailed the best scenes like the Red Wedding and the Daenarys scenes.

p.s. I got Perisno working and opened a thread on the Perisno board :smile:
Yes I cant wait to see dorne. For me though ive never had the patience for books myself so ive stuck to the show but I might give the book another try
I gave up on Perisno for the time and gave Clash of Kings a try. It was all going so well but then I joined a battle and Runtime Error ;_;
the trick to getting honorable lords to join you is wait for their faction to get wiped out, once they defect to a new faction, they are usually easily picked off to join you if you have good relations with them, also look for lords w/ daughters so your companions you give fiefs to can get married and feasts aren't complete sausage fests.
So apparently there's some ****ty freemium app called A Clash of Kings.

And people have started sending me messages, complaining about bugs in that app. It had me very confused at first, now I'm just annoyed with all these 50+ year old men who saw an add during Superbowl or whatever, downloaded the app and then just assumed the first thing that comes up when searching "A Clash of Kings game" on google was the one they where playing. Despite all information providing the exact opposite information.


Reus said:
You have to admit, that's kind of funny.

Just a bit.

I laughed, but then I will never again own a cell phone because I used to practice law and the number of stupid people who called me was truly astounding. I suppose they wouldn't call anymore but I am scared to try.
I suggest making the Riverlands into their own faction again. I can partially understand the reasoning behind making the Riverlands part of the North, but on the other hand, as part of the North the Riverlands lose their own feel and identity as Rivermen - units et all: River Lords did declare for Robb Stark declaring him the King of the Trident, but this only made the Riverlands an entity of the realm that Robb presided over during his kingship - the Riverlands were not annexed into the North; they remained an entity within a kingdom much like the Seven Kingdoms entities were before.

Furthermore, I don't think the Ruins of Castamere should have been removed. Even though the castle of Castamere was mostly underground and these underground areas were flooded, halls and fortifications that were above ground are said to have been put to the torch - something that could justify small ruins like the Ruins of Castamere as they were depicted in the mod.
Let us just say, hypothetically, that I was going to introduce an option to kill certain lords in 2.0, after they've been taken prisoner.

Which ones would you like to see made killable? Other than Gregor Clegane.
Cozur said:
Let us just say, hypothetically, that I was going to introduce an option to kill certain lords in 2.0, after they've been taken prisoner.

Which ones would you like to see made killable? Other than Gregor Clegane.

Every single one of them  :twisted:
Cozur said:
Let us just say, hypothetically, that I was going to introduce an option to kill certain lords in 2.0, after they've been taken prisoner.

Which ones would you like to see made killable? Other than Gregor Clegane.

I would like to see at least Roose Bolton and Lord Frey killable.

Are you going to implement only certain characters who are killable or a X amount of lords per faction killable?
Preferably the debauched/quarrelsome ones - and Drollo. Gotta hate Drollo.

Its been a while since I've loaded the game up (waiting for 2.0 before returning to it), but roughly, in each faction, these are the ones I'd want to see killable:
Westerlands: Forley Prester (think its him rather than Garrison, that is rather irritating), Gregor Clegane, Gyles Rosby and Balman Byrch.
Iron Islands: Balon Greyjoy. And Otton Blacktyde.
The North: I'd say Alysanne Mormont, but I heard that she was being fixed to be honourable, so instead Medger Cerywn, and Roose Bolton. (Jon Umber the younger is also a pain). And every Frey apart from Stevron.
The Vale: Anya Waynwood and Lyn Corbray. Nestor Royce too, he's an arse.
Dragonstone: No one springs to mind, and they needs as many lords as possible.
The Stormlands: Lester Morrigen and Eldon Estermont can be pains at times, although the latter can be managed.
The Reach: Not a fan of Randyll, though that's probably due to his massive armies.
Dorne: Lord Anders Yronwood, he's an arse. Also a couple of dishonourable ones I can't remember.

I'm not that well acquainted with Essos, but I'd happily put most of the Volantian lords to death.
Is this a bug??? As Valyrian Freeholder King, I'm fighting a Pentos lord (trying a "farming" strategy to have the good tempered lords to join me by undermining their king).
If I win & capture him, Iron Islands declare war upon me. If I release him, they don't.
Any idea on WHY??? I'm not fighting Iron islands but Pentos!!! Iron islands don't like me too much since I hired one of their lords...

NB: it seems that capturing ANY lord triggers war!
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