Game freezes on loading screen since release update(PC)

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Ever since the update my game freezes on the loading screen for multiplayer when loading with just the modules
"native" and "multiplayer"

oddly enough if I load with other modules on like "dedicated custom server helper" or "crpg" then multiplayer will load up but I cannot see any official taleworld servers like siege or tdm

If I launch "launcher.native.exe" from steamapps files then I can load multiplayer and play non-official servers

This issue is persistent after validating steam files and doing a full re-install

I would like to be able to play official servers again please - Anyone else getting this issue??
Tried what you did, but still stuck on login screen! Never had any problems on all beta versions. Once they released the game on now I am having problems
problem fixed for me by manually downloading a new gpu driver since apparently Nvidia Geforce experience hasn't been giving me new updates
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