Open Game CTD when attacking sea raider landing and other hideouts.

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I'm having a problem with the game slowing down to 1 fps (normally runs at 60 fps) or less when i attack hideouts in warband. So far I have tried reducing all video settings to as low as they will go and changed screen resolution to 640x480. with no effect. My rig is an AMD fx-9590 with a gigabyte radeon rx vega 56bit graphics card. 32gb system ram. its only when attacking hideouts and the number of enemies are huge that i have a problem the rest of the game runs great. and it only crashes to the desktop it doesn't crash my whole system. I would like to successfully attack the hideouts so any suggestions on how to configure my system would be appreciated. I'm not overclocking anything.

Oh forgot some stuff: Windows 10 pro 64bit. Latest Adrenaline drivers. Would forcing single threading help? I'm not sure what that does...
Steam version of the game. Native, no mods.
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Would running it on a ramdisk help?
How could i edit the number of enemies per battle? I already have the slider down to 30 but when attacking hideouts you take on all at once which overwhelms my system.
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