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Resolved Game crashes when starting to besiege

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Yes, but I removed mods.
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Summary: Game crashes when starting to besiege a town.
I've tried disabling all mods and reverting back to 1.7.1.
In 1.7.2 I can join land battles, but begging any siege (tried 2 towns and a castle) leads to a crash.
Downgrading to 1.7.1 causes crash when loading the save game.

I've submitted a few crash reports

One of the logs mention
"Escaping troop is null! Party id: CharacterObject_1686_party_1"

I didn't see anything odd with parties inside the town or in my army.

I also tried attacking after disbanding my army and unequipping all my gear (rando suggestion from a reddit thread).

How to Reproduce:
1. Declare war on Vlandia
2. Move to Ocs Hall
3. Click Besiege the town
4. Game crashes while the "Building Siege Camp" loading bar is at bout 20%
5. Tested same steps on a castle and another town, all crash at start of building siege camp

Have you used cheats and if so which:
Played with following mods when game initially started crashing, played with these through at least 2 prior sieges. All mods were for specific to v1.7.2
- Realistic Battle Combat and AI
- Improved Garrisons
- Distinguished Service
- Raise your Banner
- Troop Sorting
- Encyclopedia Extender
- Player Governor
- Efficient Smith

Scene Name (if related):
Media (Screenshots & Video):
  1. Screenshot when game crashes
  2. Save file without mods
  3. Save file with mods
Computer Specs:
OS: Win 10
GPU: RTX 3080
GPU Driver Version: 512.77
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
RAM: 32GB 3600 MHz
Motherboard: Asus TUF Gaming X570-PRO
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Inland 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD


Community Support
Community Support
Hey, we cant offer support for the mods or modded games. Can you please try to reproduce the issue on a new campaign after manually removing all the mod files and verifying the integrity of the game files.


Your comment made me revisit the mods I had and think bout if any of them modify the save game data. Turns out, yup, Improved Garrisons does and even includes steps in the mod's portal to describe the uninstall process. Went through that, "delete all Improved Garrisons Parties" under mod settings, saved the game, disabled the mod, and was able to siege a town without crashing.

So this crash is related to that mod, so feel free to close this thread since it's not related to the base game.


Community Support
Community Support
Hey, i am glad the problem is solved. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues.
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