Game Crash at Startup - Tried Pretty Much Everything

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- I was playing on my LAPTOP on V 1.6.2. Used bunch of mods.
- Switched to a DESKTOP still 1.6.2 for 3 months.
- Made the move to 1.7.0 beginning of this week Aug 16 2022 ..ish.
- Updated my mods. Some worked. Some did not. Usual Bannerlord things.
- Tried to install CA.Eagle Rising 1.7.0. Did not work.
- That's okay. I just wanted to extract the armors anyway ( did that successfully on 1.6.2)
- Disable CA.Eagle Rising and try to start the game again. " an unexpected error has occured, do you want to upload the log " - sure.
- Log comes back with a bunch of things. Even traces from old mod names I tried to use on the LAPTOP.
I tried:
- On my laptop which is still on 1.6.2 mods and no nods : crashes.
- On my desktop mods and no mods at all. Crashes.
- Offline mode/ desynch from cloud. Crashes.
- Extract the game saves file. Crashes.
- Deleting CN files. Crashes
- Tried disabling Anti Virus
- Updated my graphics drivers.
- Using Revo-Uninstaller to thoroughly delete Bannerlord AND Steam from both computers down to the registry records.
- Reinstalling Steam and Bannerlord. No mods. Crashes.
- Combining all the above. Crashes

If the game has failed over my two computers simultaneously, and I've purged both computers, it seems to me like there is almost an error in my steam account in some way. Help.

- Thanks guys


Knight at Arms
It's not an issue with your computer. Basically, when TW put 1.8.0 Stable up, they also ended up putting localization stuff in all of the older versions that caused issues (as in made them not work at all), though I heard they're working on it.

You should follow the steps laid out by ejriv in post #23 of this thread, this link should highlight the post.

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