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The game is easy when you understand the game / AI mechanics. But I guess a lot of new players, that haven´t even played Warband, struggle in the early/mid game.
Which is fair, particularly since the EA is now practically going on ~3 years for those that got it then. But at the same time, plenty of games address this by adding in late-game mechanics/systems to still provide some sort of challenge factor for vets - ie. hardcore mode, added survival elements, increased damage/health, larger parties, etc...Which isn't in BL and why late-game is still always a persistent issue. Once you've owned town#1, you've essentially owned them all; whether that individual wants to suffer through the wasted/grindy hours doing it in game or not.
I don´t think this would fix a lot of the late game issues. It´s not the start that is lacking in my opinion. I mean sure, bandit playthrough would be cool and different but it doesn´t seem like we will get it. At least not in my definition.
Because of how linear the progression is, none of those would fix late game issues, what those would/should do is delay & extend the time it takes to get there. Whether that's adding more mid-game complexities and side options, make early game playstyles more compelling (one can only fight looters so many times or escort caravans 'til it's boring), or variable hurdles (more ebb&flow consequences in world), etc...
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