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This post is a general suggestion list regarding the Singleplayer experience from a player with around 300 hours into the game without mods.This is certainly one of my favorite games and I hope the information I provide is useful for gameplay updates added in the future. It is seperated into two parts involving the economy/balance and player builds.

I. Concerning the economy: Items that would otherwise be considered very common in medieval Calradia are extremely expensive in trade. When looting a battle, players should recieve a lot more loot, proportionate to how many enemy and allied troops fell during the battle. But have the loot individually be very inexpensive. For example, a bow that would otherwise be rare and cost 13,000+ denars should be common in loot and sell for 200 denars. If you defeat 10x high tier archers, you should receive and equal amount of their high tier bows that sell for 200 each, giving the player a consistent source of mercenary income. They would get 2000 denars definite, instead of 13,000+ by chance.
The limiting factor of how much money they make per battle is A) How many units they defeat B) How much storage they can handle using mules and sumpters, thus in turn being slower and more exposed to enemy lords.

Why? This change would help players get more consistent results from being a mercenary who's reliant on loot income. Also, more importantly, gives access to higher tiers of weapons and armor to players trying to fine tune their builds. They, in the early game, would still be limited by what they can use due to their level, but as they progress the weapons and armor they need in order to compete with the AI enemies is readily available, providing a smooth feeling of build and power progression. This is currently not the case in current native. A late game player character still heavily lacks in appropriate weapon and armor tiers compared to their troops and the enemies they're facing.

II. Concerning Player-Builds: The initial player loadouts upon game start and stat selection when building your character currently lack when trying to use it for a build you would like to make. For an example here's an experience I had: I selected a Vlandian then chose everything related to crossbows and my starting characters was given a bow in his loadout which was completely useless, couldn't even aim it. A crossbow in the market costs around 14,000 and the starting bow I was given sold for about ~90.
When creating a character, I would find it more enjoyable if I were able to select the loadout I started the game with, so I could begin getting familiar with my weapons and start building up my weapon and athletic/horse efficiencies from the start. I would like to choose if I don't or do start with a horse, have a two handed weapon or one handed, shield or no shield, bow or crossbow or if I want throwing weapons, or if I want a polearm. And hopefully if someone were to just use this system so they could just sell the horse the wouldn't use or the extra throwing axes they tacked on, the price sum of them would be so low due to the aforementioned economy changes that it would provide them next to no benefit for doing so other than harming their initial build.

Why? Allowing players to choose starting weapons and form of scene movement allows the player to get familiar with the character build they'll be moving forward with throughout the game, whether it's a heavily armored twohanded infantry, a shielded knight on horseback, a sheildwall partaker or a quick archer hanging back picking off enemies, they'll get a sense of progression throughout the game of getting stronger with the use of higher tier weapons/armor later in the game than what they started with. This is an area currently lacking in native Bannerlord, the majority of players tend to just be a horseback knight with a polearm and they lack the equipment that would be proper to fight enemies later in the game, as those common items are considered rare loot and sell for too much to afford until very late in the game.

Also I personally dislike the current stat selection screen when first creating a character, selecting what profession my parents were and then what I did as a kid, then how I defeated a group of bandits using X method, let me choose from a blank slate character what points I'd like to allocate into what skills. No more selecting a trade point and getting a wasted point in smithing I'd never use, or vice versa. No mixed combat and passive options, like getting a point in Two-Handed and also a point Steward. It's very-very annoying. I liked the Warband system a little more, where I'd allocated points where I want them from an almost blank slate. I still disliked having my main stats STR/INT/AGL/CHR decided by what my profession was but it was still preferable than the current system. I would like complete freedom over my character's build.

This post is long and I thank anyone who read through it. As I said I hope that my opinions as a player were constructive and help the devs fine tune the game mechanics in the future with the feedback in mind.
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