Game at x2 speed, bugs, packet loss and more..

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Multiplayer part is dead!

This cannot be an update. This is literally a game massacre.

The game is pointlessly fast!

It's like impossible to aim! Packet losses are unbelievably high.
There are delays as if some data was lost. servers still crash regularly (regularly for 3 years)

Like a DJ who doesn't know how to use a turntable..

the music still plays disgustingly!
Yeah I made a post about the animations (females), also noticed the worn textures on shields, I kind of hate it

The devs are pulling a COD Warzone, killing the game so they can move on.

They need to revert the animations, patch the game so it becomes more stable.

Improve loot, release more items

Make sure the login engine works even if they're gone, so we don't lose all our cosmetics.

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