Resolved gain no attribute point after leveling

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it's said u gain 1 attribute point every 3 levels, lv4, yes, i gain 1 attribute point(1.03), but lv7, have no attribute point.(after 1.04)
i dont know if i mis-understanding something or its bugged after 1.04.
Every 3 levels, what is directly written. I wanted to insert a screenshot, but the forum does not allow this. Only links to other sites. However, there is no point in proving what is elementarily checked in the game client.
And yes, this mechanics is completely broken.
That's right. Each 3 levels, i.e. 4,7,10,13. I do not quite understand why it was not done like in Warband - 3,6,9,12. It was familiar to the players and it was much easier to calculate, but what has been done is done.
The tooltip is wrong, it says every three, but it's every four levels. You get attribute points at 4,8,12,16,etc
Yes, there is an error in the description. But at that time (1.0.3 or 1.0.4) there was an error with obtaining additional attributes. My brother received only 1 attribute for 12 levels. And I got 1 for 9 levels. We started a new game several times and in the latest version the attributes are calculated correctly. But we have not yet checked the option when the level rises on the global map - it is possible that the attribute is not added in this case.
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