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OSP Modern 3D Art Funky items community Modpack

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Alright, during this past week I got so bored stuck in this hotel that I finally decided to form a small mod central on this comp. Since I dont have my other comp I couldnt work on my own mod, so I just made a few fun items. I put in this mod, which HOPEFULLY will be taken by other ppl (newcomers or vets) and they make their little fun items and put them in. This mod was made in the UE so even the noobiest of modders can improve this, you can play it, get the new uber items from the zendar chest. Only you have access to them. If no one feels like updating this its not a big deal, just a source of a few fun items.

New Items currently in:
A Japanese Umbrella
A football helmet (no team sign, just an F)
A baseball hat (just a B) the hats buggy, I got too lazy with it, there will be head showing in the back, someone might want to fix that by movin it forward or something
A fro
A baseball bat
Throwing moniters (a little oversized)

THESE ARE NOT MADE YET, and may or may not be made
I probably wont be making any more, but here are some suggestions for those modelers who are bored:
Mushroom hat
Baseball helmet (with ear guard)
sideways cap
backwards cap
Stop Sign
Chinese cap (with the pony tail)
Crow Bar
Throwing Broccli
Throwing milk carton
Throwing Tomato
Jesus helmet (the hair and a halo)
Budda Helmet (the hair and the light disk behind the head)
Smilie Head
Paper bag Over head
Ghost bag over head
Geek helmet (hair and glasses)
Throwing Shoe
Chinese farmer hat
Fish (for slappin)
Fly Swatter
Twirly cap
Dunce hat
Lamp post
Electricity Pole
Car door
Broken beer bottle
Flat screen TV
Bunny ears
Bunny ear hoody
Bunny pajamas
Ninja stars
Ninja mask

Those are just some brain storming ideas....you can put whatever you want (perferable as far away from medieval and m&B as possible) upload it somewhere and gimme the link so I can update the first post.

Fraps was bein a *****
And Um....imageshack is bein a ***** too.

Download here

Moderator edit (Updated download links):
NPC99 said:


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zoh em gee!  :shock:

Fantastic stuff Chilly, I love all of these far out light hearted things that people produce (fishmod, None Shall Pass, Pirates! Anyone?  :grin:)


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Good idea, but I'm too lazy, watchin signs (great movie!  :smile:) Someone else can easily add it.

Glad you guys like it....but really...its not that much...


add my bunny

I know it looks a little bit crappy, I didn't spend much time on it


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Sure! Although I'd perfer if you did it yourself, but its your choice, if you want me to add it email it over.

If I'm gona add it I might as well get the 2 by 4 as well, but I'm hoping someone else with more....time can add these uber items to troops and unbalence the gameplay!


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I actually have a mushroom model ready-to-go, could easily make it into a helmet--want me to give it a shot?


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Ohh yeah, you should make a 'armor' that look like football pads, and pants...  so you could walk around like a knight in shining riddel...


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Go ahead, add it. Upload it, gimme the link. (i remember that mushroom hat...thats wat made me think of makin one in the first place, it had the face of the mushroom too though right? It could be a helmet or a throwing weapon....)

Voutare- Yeha, I was thinking about that, have football ppl in full armour and put them on horses, give them the most rivalrous teams in pro football as their insignas and like...vagir vs swadia away. Those would replace knights, but its too much for me, I cant rig anyway, so yeha...thatd be a good mini project for someone greater to undertake.


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Aye, I'm necroing a thread but - the link is down.
Also, the rest of the items on the list were never made, I take it? :neutral:
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