Fundamental reworking of the character creation system

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I noticed that you're now able to choose which nation your character spawns in. This gave me an idea.

The choices would go like this:

Birthplace [one of the factions]:
Father's Occupation:
Reason for Adventuring:

The birthplace is obviously the main new thing here. It would have a serious effect on your starting skills and equipment - for example, if your father was a veteran soldier for Rhodoks, you might get a board shield, a pick, maybe a spear, and have lots of starting athletics and polearms proficiencies; whereas if your father was a veteran soldier for Swadia, you would get a heater shield, a sword, a horse, and riding skills.

This would mean that whichever faction you chose would lead to a different menu, or something. The options in the next menu might have the same choice names, but the results of those choices would differ based on what you had chosen the previous faction.


I agree. I was thinking something along the same lines when I made my arab-ish character and started on almost the far side of the map compared to the Sarranids. As I didn't want to hire any nords or anything as that character, I  managed to get my horse, gold and armor stolen by the time I reached the south. No huge issue, but it would be nice.

Of course, you shouldn't be locked to a faction in any way (changed relations and such). It should just affect where you start and the equipment/skills.


Not to shoot you down or anything, but a "fundamental reworking" of any feature in the game is not likely at this point. It's nearly up to release.


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Also, your choice might give you a slight relationship boost with that faction?

And a 'from across the sea' or similar thing should be added if you want to take a more neutral stance.

Alhanalem; it's fundamental reworking of a relatively small feature. It wouldn't take that much coding.


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it would take a lot of new dialog editing though.
as the game currently makes you a foreigner there are many comments about being from somewhere else, so they'd have to change this and make it vary depending on where you're from and people would want to be treated differently depending on where they're from, which would mean more new dialog.
it's a relatively large amount of work for such a small gain in my opinion.



The flavor text makes it sound like the player is a foreigner who isn't even in Calradia yet, and the game starts as soon as you get there. Makes the most sense considering you start with so little.


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I think the way they have it now is great. I'm pleased that you can now select which kingdom area you start in, and had meant to suggest something like that a while back (I might have in fact mentioned it as a side note in some thread, but I don't really remember). While a minor feature in the grand scheme of things, I quite like it.

Remember that the player's character is from a land outside of Calradia, and not a native. If you're creating a Nord-like character, who might even supposedly hail from their original homeland, it can be a minor immersion breaker to start in an inland desert.

I think the starting equipment/stats are mostly fine, but it wouldn't hurt to implement a few more options - though I don't think they should do anything to tie the character to a Calradian faction. For instance, if your character's backstory is more Middle Eastern than European, perhaps you'd rather your starting weapon be a Scimitar or Sarranid Sword, rather than a regular sword. You wouldn't actually be a vassal or resident of the Sarranids, just culturally similar. It would really just be another (minor) way to customize your character.


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No. I like it how it is now, actually. It takes one of the pillars of the game story, that is being born outside Calradia. That is what makes your journey different from other Lords, that causes you aspiring to be King cause resistance among others, etc. Being born outside Calradia gives much more possibilities that being born inside.


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one thing that just wheem just made me like the idea of, is your starting equipment being more dependent upon what background and skills you choose.
i actually have seen this in subtle forms, such as when i was a blacksmith starting with a nice balanced sword instead of a rusty one, and some tools (of the trade i guess). but i think things such as which weapon skills you choose highest in could play a part in starting equipment.
however i don't expect this in the release :smile:
maybe in a later update?


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I do wonder how you take a ship to Jelkala since it current place is up in the mountains, and Yalen is now on the coast.
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