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Fun Things To Exploi-- Do

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Being OP is great. Or maybe you're just looking for new ways to play. Or maybe you're having so much fun, you can't keep the secret to yourself! What are some things you always go for? Here are some exploits and mechanics that I find quite enjoyable:

Befriending bandits: if you assist them in battle, eventually their relationship pops positive, and they won't bother you, and your villagers/caravans again (Messengers and gift carriers are still attacked however). As a free agent, it's easy to just pay money for peace.
-What's more, is the ability to prisoner rescue them. So in general, taking a castle or battle will replenish your army.

Mercenary Army: with the perisno high marshal, you can finally somewhat own an escort like the rest of the wealthy lords. When you combine this with befriending hostiles, having your escort join you in battle allows them to rescue prisoners you left for them, with no limits! You finally grow an army over 5000 units to follow and siege every castle in your way! (High maintenance fee however)

Companions: So we all knows NPC companions and non-lord wife can join you, adding elite units to your party. But, did you know you can add NPC lords to your party as well? If you capture a lord prisoner, keep him until he defects to your kingdom, when you talk to him, he will enlist into your party instead of roaming, allowing you to equip and level all the same! Now that's what I call elite.(you can't turn them back into vessels)

Looting Gears: Item drops from battle are random, but the rare one are still possible. The ones I particularly find overpowering are bombs! Tolranian alchemist and archers carries explosives, so targeting them for rare loot drop are both devastating and rewarding, due to the power of the weapons. Same goes for cool armor and mounts from other units.

Hired Household Guards: with those unique loots, instead of just having just yourself equip them, give them to your household guards. That way, you can instantly have units with high proficiency using them and as many as you are able to get, no more weekly waiting at Galwe's library for explosions.
-However, best use of these guys are repairing gears. They instantly transform all gears they equip to normal modifiers. So if you received battered items, lamed/sway horses, they can fix it for you. Incase your wondering, lordly or anything good will downgrade to normal modifiers.

Fountain Hall Secret Chest: there's a hidden legendary-weapon crate in fountain hall (in market/town district). Not only does it give a free weapon, it's also a personal chest! Use it to store all the treasures you hog, until you find yourself a proper castle/home. You can also use the inventory of your towns' enterprise, if you prefer avoiding moving across the map.

Ingvar's Units: personal preference, but here's why I have fun with them: Customized upkeep. Customized name. Customized gears! Good proficiency, cheap, and quick.
-Notable exploits are dwarves having smaller hitbox, cheaper, and dwarves armor are easier/stronger to equip. Some throwing weapon doesn't add any value to your setup. Equiping some spear and shield & sword will lower your setup value, allowing you to have better gears while providing good anti-cavs.

Noble faction units are more easier to use, being way quicker, cheaper, and stronger like Tolranian Incendiaries and Maccavian Knight Steel archers which only needs to upgrade once. Haven't try much or find anything else to the liking yet, so if there are any other ideas I missed or are underrated, feel free to add, share, elaborate what you enjoy for others!
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To add on for Ingvar units when you get a quest to deal with rampaging nobles from one of the faction specific mercenary leaders you can use these as an opportunity to loot whatever gear you want. Just use the Ingvar mercenaries (preferably highest tier) and whatever section you looked at last will spawn in addition to normal loot. If you drop items from other sections into the last seen section they will also spawn.


With a full thieve background Sandwalker lairs have 10-20K aurums worth of loot every time. The local Emir also pays 3K aurums and 7500XP for every lair destroyed.


Before the Zann invasion arrives, you can garrison your troops in Zann Fort, and you don't have to pay upkeep for them. Talk to the Zann merchant, opt to listen to the merchants for local goods, but back out. This will allow you access to the castle. You can also menu bug Zann into last visited town's merchandise.
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For quick relationships with lords you can enlist into their army, keep requesting for personal leave and join them back for 1 relationship point.


Sergeant at Arms
Quick Question: what is stopping you from putting 5000 slaves from the slave trader into a fief? only 1500 money for 50
The fact that in Perisno quality wins over quantity.
If you right click on a fief or a party, you can check "party strenght",check it out:wink:
But you would agree that its a good fodder for a first town or castle right? I just did it after the Zann took Galwe and I took it back when they only put in 180 troops. They never came to siege it when I put in 4k slaves. Also as a vassal am I supposed to have a constable, high marshal, chancellor, and spy master? I thought a king is supposed to have it. One last thing, in your save game does the Zann self implode like 2 of the original lords are just gone so that means they lose pretty big part of their fighting strength and spearheads. Like for me Sung Wu and Atilia defected.
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Agreed. The unlimited recruiting is messed up :razz:

As be for Zann, they do easily defect on my runs as well. Probably because of their settings (fresh, no land, low loyalty) that players can also easily recruit their lords.

It's always Tokugawa that catches my attention though, because he always steals his fiefs/town over to me without me asking... unexpectedly lowering my vessels relationship as though I granted him his land"S!"


During the eloping dialogue, as soon as you both agree, your wife turns into a married lady and gives you the dialogue any mother/married lady gives, like the "help improve relations with lords". You can use this moment to pop positive relationship with every members of the faction your wife belongs to.
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