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biggun34 said:
Dafaq is this ****... Exactly one of the things wrong with the community doesn't read the OP and post's crap like this all over the place.
Actually, twatty little pricks like yourself are exactly what's wrong with the community.
150 Euros or more
Early alpha and beta access to the game, a boxed copy and a digital copy of the game soundtrack.
Have to pay more then 150 Euros to gain alpha? That is interesting
FSE is even worse at delivering their "weekly updates" than Taleworlds (03 April '14, 14 January '14, 26 August '13, ...), but I have to admit I'm quite impressed by the recordings in their new update. I have never heard the punch a Springfield rifle packs in person, yet I can't imagine them being far off.
Yes, I was quite impressed. Turned my bass settings way up and the glass of water on my desk looked like it had been struck with a bad case of Parkinson's. Will you be doing similar recordings of canon as well?
He is referring to your innovative use of black power in firearms rather than the more commonly utilized black powder.
After a year of absolute nothing, FSE have announced that the Alpha will be arriving in December. The timing is most fortuitous, almost divine like, as tomorrow sees the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for War of Rights. Given the absolute piss poor record FSE seem to have with communities, and the complete silence on the "What's New" front, I don't have much hope for this one but then maybe the God-King Vince has whipped up something amazing during his holiday sabbatical muted absence.  :lol:


I figured the project was dead and dead at this point. Hopefully it will still end up being a good game, but War of Rights does look better.
War of rights is made by a group whom seem to have more passion for history than FSE, so i'd place my guineas on the WOR team. FSE appear to just be jumping on the "early acess" bandwagon.
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