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Battle Cry Of Freedom

So, the secret standalone project by Flying Squirrel Entertainment (Vincenzo & Co) has been announced. American Civil War? Damn nice! I've not been satisfied by any of Warband mods that claim to reflect this turbulent period of history. Despite being thoroughly English, the ACW is incredibly interesting and I would typically be chomping at the bit to play this. Reserving judgement until we see examples of "massive multiplayer battles, a realistic combat system, completely destructible environments, and up to date graphics". NW didn't really break the scene with anything revolutionary - much of what is included in the mod/DLC has been found in other free mods. Whether or not FSE can produce a quality, standalone game is yet to be seen. Screenshots are currently looking pretty much like-for-like against Warband so far. It'll be interesting to see how it pales against Bannerlord. Still, it'll be one to watch and possibly purchase if it lives up to the period.

Fortunately, it also means that Vincenzo will possibly be disappearing from these forums. If only he wrote the real reasons as to why they're relocating (again).

Best of luck to them. It seems to be an interesting project, especially with the destructible environment and all. Guess I'll be testing it in the beta. :razz:
I'm not sure how they intend to make the game have 'up to date graphics' with 500 players on a 5x5km map and having it all playable on a low-end computer, but it is still something that I will be looking out for and hopefully it will be something interesting.
Could be fun... 500 players seem to be the yummiest feature of it all. If Mount and Blade 2 can have 500 players...
Omahaa said:
3D voice chat, 500 players and destructible environments.. Why are you people so ****ing negative?

Because NW was supposed to have 250 players, 200+ unique units (Not slightly different uniforms), historically accurate music and many other things. In the end, it was pretty disappointing. I have nothing against ACW though, and I hope this will be better.

DonaldMacDonald said:
I smell jealous people.  :roll:

I smell something brown on your nose.
Warband actually has 3D voice chat via Mumble if I remember correctly. But that's neither here nor there...

Based on the community revolving around NW, I think voice chat is a horrible, horrible idea.
rejenorst said:
The modding opportunities would be sweet as well. WW1 mods spring to mind ^_^
Indeed! I have yet to run into a halfway decent first/third person WWI game that I actually enjoyed playing. One of the main issues is always the scale, which simply can't be convincing when you've got a player limit of 32. If they are truly able to fit 500 people into 1 server without causing them all to die of the spastic lag fits, I will definitely check their game out.

Haresus said:
If Mount and Blade 2 can have 500 players...
Oh, I shall cherish that thought. Hot damn, just imagine 500 player siege...
Orchid said:
Oh, I shall cherish that thought. Hot damn, just imagine 500 player siege...

Based on the size of current castles, the density of players on a 64 player server, and the mindset of the average Warband player, I'd imagine a large TK-filled pileup at the doors/gates/ladders. Like Native SP siege with the battlesizer turned on to "Holy ****".
I agree hesitation is needed, FSE claimed 250+ with a could be 300 player maximum limit without even testing it with players prior to release. Then they released NW and found servers struggle with 200 players.

Plus the reason why NW was so big was because of the hundred player regiments all spreading the word, this new game being in the civil war era maybe it won't have the same kind of support from the community. Either way, as long as there's line battle events I don't care.
If FSE can somehow pull of 500 MP battle, then I hope Bannerlord is at least 350-400 people. I WANT ME SOME EPIC BATTLES! :grin:
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