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Frustration of Recruiting a Lord to your Kingdom & Possible Solution

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Hairy Yahoo

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In warband, we had lords who wish to join our kingdom waiting for us in capital of our kingdom.

In bannerlord we have no lords coming to our castles/tows to be able to join our side. You have to find and persuade every lord for that. Ok still seems not big of a problem right?

Now it is a problem because:
-The map is 4x size of the Warband
-These lords are always on the road since there's no gatherings like tournament banquets of warband.
-Most of the time these lords are travelling within an army and you can't speak to them unless they are leading the army.
-Considering you can only recruit clan leaders, I got to find the specific dude in middle of nowhere.

What I'd like instead: give RNG chance to have lords with negative relationship to their current leader apply for player created faction by simply waiting in the courtyard or by sending a message.
Let players also send message to clan leader through any clan member.

Currently I am a king of my own faction with one single clan. Holding 3 towns, 2 castles beheaded 12 lords of the northern empire and utterly destroyed that faction (their last fief was gone to another faction instead of mine when i killed the last lord btw... another disappointment) and the game is expecting me to run like a little dog in the huge map just to start save/load session for gimmicky persuasion mechanic.

I know it is EA, I don't expect stats/perks/skills and some mechanics to work but the way you propose players to recruit lords to their faction is a total design failure. No one in testing team really noticed how frustrating this method will be? Guys we've been waiting this for a really really long time but seeing these kind of fundemental errors in the game is really troubling.
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