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OSP Other World Map From Canada to Mexico

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Knight at Arms
Here I want to share a campaign map of the northern America.
The map has rivers and mountain chains, all rivers are handmade or highly adjusted to be as smooth as possible and also realistic.
Its much bigger then the native map so it will probably take a week or more to travel from Canada to Mexico.
Also included are Cuba and some minor Islands, they are not painted but smoothed.
Rivers can be crossed at certain points.
The rivers are the same terrain as the sea because of the waves that make it look more moving.








sorry but the map is too big to get it all in 1 picture.
Pictures are taken with that texture pack
Download, module.ini settings are included

Moderator (Earendil): Alternative download link

There could appear problems because of the size of the map, but modern pcs should handle it well.
If you want to use it in your mod you don't need to ask for permission but I would highly appreciate if you mention me in the credits. :party:
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Can you make the plains terrain rise up out of the ground so the mountains are not the only part with elevation? That would make the map look much more realistic I think. :smile:
Harlef said:
Well, at my pc all runs smoothly but i dont know about lower-end PCs.

Trees on the world map are extremely low poly and use a single very efficient material, so I'd be surprised if there were any performance issues.

The map looks great, and i really like how you've done the forests and rivers; very natural looking. Good job.
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