Friewulf's Hounds (#Recruiting#) (Persistant Frontier Clan)


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Friewulfs hounds

Friewulf's Hounds are a clan for Persistent Frontier, and are fearless, loyal warriors that serve only to the Alpha Hound. The Hounds intend to gain a reputation on Persistent Frontier, and will do so by any means neccassary.

Do you want to be apart of the greatest faction on the face of Persistant Frontier?

Are you willing to take up arms under the Great and Fearless leader Friewulf (Thats me)?

are you prepared to face you initiation into the Hounds?

if so then sign up here

all applicants are to write abit about yourself including the following
In-Game name:
active in TS:
Steam ID:
what can you bring to our pack of Hounds:
Ranks are as follows

Thank you FH_Beta _Red_Knight for constantly keeping the roster upto date

Official Allies, Enemies & Vassals


Enemies:~ Continental Army,  Royaume De France

Defeated Enemies:~ 42nd_Highlanders


All Enemies are to be warred with when The Hounds are on the server and have control of a faction only Beta's and above can deem any Clan Allies, Enemies or Vassals and any problems with any other Clans should be brought to the attention of Either the Alpha Hound or his Beta Hounds as we will not tolerate any hostile action against any member of the hounds and will give them nothing and take away from them everything


Knight at Arms
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I posted an application now it's gone and I'm emotionally distressed.


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iv not removed any post are you sure you have posted here if not please do again as we are always welcoming brothers to our cause