Friendly Siege Engines Blowing Up Allies

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During sieges, any allied AI using onagers in the field have the incredible tendency to fire on walls that friendly infantry are in the process of assaulting. Because their fire is so indiscriminate, they will often end up hitting friendly siege towers and eventually killing everyone on them when they're broken. Is there any way that the AI might be made to cease fire once the walls are occupied, or to fire at areas that don't have friendly siege engines on them? Or else have friendly siege engines be immune to allied fire?


This happened to me on my first siege of 1.59. Was climbing a ladder when the whole wall exploded. Seen similar things in 50% of sieges. In one siege, on Aserai town allied siege engine destroyed both siege towers when defenders rushed the ramp. In yet another siege allied destroyed the battering ram as it just about got to the gate.

From what i've seen, the siege engines were targetting defender infantries and if those infantries decided to climbe down a ladder or onto the seige tower then that's where siege engines will aim.


Because of that i stopped using catapults, im only using trebuchets. But this of course is not an ideal solution, so i too would love to see any proper fix for the problem
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