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Friend Suddenly Unable to see my Warband Server.

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Hello, First off I had managed to get hosting a non-dedicated server on Warband to work for me and a friend maybe about 3-4 months ago. Suddenly after returning to the game, and trying to host a server, he cannot see it anymore. I have forwarded my ports for steam and Warband, I have disabled my and friend's firewalls and Antivirus to see if it was blocking traffic, we have edited the GRLConfig, so that it is set to not need secure connections, and it also does 8 simultaneous connection instead of 16, because warband has issues with that.

A little background, I had previously spent like 3-4 days trying to make this work in the past for Floris Evolved Mod-pack's Multiplayer, however I could not get it to work, so I started by back-tracking and making sure that banilla Warband non-dedicated hosting worked first. Upon discovery that it didn't I spent those 3-4 days getting it to work, and I had gotten it to work in my old home before moving, and at my new location flawlessly at about 1-2 years ago and 4 months ago respectively. I have not changed anything on my system since the last time it was functioning, however when returning last week to play some Floris Evolved I had to go back and check all my settings because my friend could not see my game, and ended up expanding some ports and double-checking that the options were not changed or anything. I have spent a lot of time trawling through the forums, and trying ideas, but I have run out of posts, and most of them have people telling you Non-Dedicated doesn't work(which I know isn't true because I got it to work in the past).

In the end what I need help with is getting my Non-dedicated server to show up on Official lists again, as it was working previously.
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